Meet Fashion Blogger Diana Pearl of Pearl Girl

Hello! I’m Diana, a journalist by day, blogger by night. I had my first stint with blogging while a student at Syracuse University at collegiatechic.com, but went on a (very extended) hiatus after the craziness of study abroad, senior year and graduation. Now, I’m a full-time writer and reporter, living in New York City. I’m originally from Chicago, and the Midwest holds a special place in my heart!

A few things to know about me? I’m a bit of a shopaholic and a beauty junkie, I love trying new restaurants, and am always looking to plan my next vacation. My favorite destinations? London, Paris, Los Angeles, Nantucket, Salzburg, Vietnam and Scotland, to name a few!

Pearl Girl is where I chronicle my outfits, travels, life in NYC — and anything else I’m loving.

CONTACT: dianapearl.blog@gmail.com

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