How Do You Dress for Fall When it’s 80 Degrees Out?

Velvet Bell Sleeve Top // I got mine in Spain last winter. But the one linked is very similar, and this one has long sleeves!
Black Button Skirt // Now sold out in black, but available in this blue color. This skirt is similar.
Gold Disc Earrings // On sale for under $15!
Black Heels //

You guys. This weather.

It’s mid-October. There should be a chill in the air and said air should feel crisp. But instead, it’s been crazy humid with temperatures barely dipping below 70. And that’s on a good day. Usually, we’re hovering around the mid-70s.

Granted, I spend most of my days in an air-conditioned office, but in the brief time I spend outside, it’s muggy, it’s warm and it sure doesn’t feel like October. But when it actually is October, you want to wear sweaters, jeans, boots and autumn colors. What’s a girl to do?

Therein this conundrum lies my fall wardrobe mantra: Summer cuts, fall colors. Keep the skirts, the light fabrics and the short sleeves, but break out the darker colors — burnt orange, burgundy,  This is the time of year to wear fall skirts with bare legs, button downs in darker hues, and way more black than you’d wear at the height of July. (Seriously, I rarely wear black in the summer, and it’s nice to break it out once the fall months roll around again.)

I’m also a big fan of lightweight sweaters like the J.Crew Tippi, which won’t leave you sweating up a storm after walking outside for five minutes. I’m also recently obsessed with Loft’s skirt section. They have so many cute styles, like this leather one, and they’re literally always on sale.

A few other fall obsessions? The Everlane Day Heels, which are so comfortable — for heels. They don’t rival flats. (I wore them to an event where I had to stand for three hours and it was painful.) But they are comfortable for heels, and I say this as someone who is admittedly really bad with heels.

I’m also loving these gold disc earrings, which are simple but still make a statement. I’m a fan of gold jewelry all year long, but I feel like it’s especially appropriate in the fall.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday. The high is only 66 today, which means I can break out an actual coat. Something to celebrate, right?


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  • I have been facing this same dilemma! In my office, it’s basically the same temperature year-round, but I am sweating majorly on my walk to work right now. Looks like there might be some cooler temps in sight! Love, love this dress on you.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  • so so pretty in that LBD!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  • Regine Karpel
  • Brooke Reagan

    How chic are you?!

    I don’t even know what fall is now that I live in LA. I went to Dallas for the weekend and packed maxi dresses and sandals lol! Oops it was freezing!!