Gift Guide: For the Acquaintance

Gift Guide 2017: Gifts to Buy Acquaintances

Happy beginning of gift guide season! It may seem a little early, and I’ll admit, I haven’t done a ton of my own holiday shopping yet. (Just one present so far!) But with Thanksgiving just over a week away, Christmas will be here before we know it — meaning it’s just a good a time as any to share some gift guides!

I have quite a bit of travel coming up before Christmas — a two-week family vacation and a work trip, so while I’ll attempt to do one of these a week, it remains to be seen whether that’s an obtainable goal. I figured this one was a good one to start with: Gifts for people you don’t know that well. Meaning you’re not going get them something that’s super personal because you probably aren’t an expert on their interests. So instead, you get them gift that anyone would love — something like these twelve items! I feel like these sort of occasions do come up, and these could easily work as a hostess gift, too! And they can be gifts for people you know well, too — they’re gifts that would work for anyone.

ONE Sugarfina Champagne Bears // There’s a Sugarfina store in my office and I swear, it tempts me every day. (Thankfully it’s on another floor so the temptation isn’t quite as in your face.) Their candies are not only yummy, but unique — I mean, champagne flavored gummy bears? My absolute favorite are the champagne bubbles, but the bears are an almost-as-good option and available to order from Nordstrom.

TWO Acrylic Tray // I love getting gifts from Mark & Graham, not only because everything can be personalized, but the products are genuinely really cute. This tray instantly makes a coffee table look more put together and is a great place to stash knick knacks and remotes.

THREE Floral Planner // The nice thing about the holidays is that they come at the end of the year, so next year-themed gifts are always an easy fallback. Plus, this floral illustration is so pretty.

FOUR Gold Bubble Earrings // The bubble earrings trend isn’t going anywhere, and this gold pair is perfect for holiday parties.

FIVE Sonix Phone Case // With the new iPhone 8s and iPhone Xs out this fall, plenty of people (myself included) have new phones this Christmas. I love these multi-color stripes, but honestly, all their patterns are pretty cute!

SIX Pineapple Ornament // A classic holiday gift, and one that will be used for (literally) years to come. This pineapple is so cute!

SEVEN Monogram Mug // A staple in any kitchen, and an easy, personalized gift that makes the gift-getter feel like you really thought about them. (I mean, their initial is on it!)

EIGHT Card Case in Calf Hair // I used to use one of these as my everyday wallet, but have since upgraded to a bigger one. However, I love using these while traveling. You can carry just the essentials and leave the rest in your hotel room.

NINE Moscow Mule Mugs // Chances are, whoever you’re giving to doesn’t already have these in their cocktail wares collection, and this set is super affordable and super cute.

TEN Bunny Bottle Stopper // The wine never stops flowing during the holidays (and I love it.) This cute little bunny wine stopper is the perfect hostess gift — it’ll get immediate use!

ELEVEN The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo // A good book always makes a great gift, and this is my favorite book I’ve read in a while! Be sure to pick a copy for yourself, too!

TWELVE Vanilla Candle // Okay, I’ll admit it: There is no gift more basic than a candle. But you know what, people like them! They smell nice! No matter who you’re buying for, chances are, they’ll appreciate something that smells good.

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  • great picks!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  • great gifts! I’d looove if someone gifted me those Moscow Mule mugs, they’re perfect!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  • These are great picks for someone you don’t know that well, Diana! I loved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and think most people would, too!

    xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Wasn’t it amazing!? I think it was one of your blog posts that suggested it to me, actually, so thank you!!