Why Now Is the Time to Buy a Statement Coat

J.Crew Tie-waist topcoat in double-serge wool - Pearl Girl

Purple Tie-Waist Coat // On sale!!! One of my all-time favorite coats. Also available here.
Lavender Cable Knit Sweater // The coziest, and comes in the prettiest color.
Black Jeans // How did I live without these for so long? HOW?!
Chelsea Boots // My go-to shoes from October to April.
Colored Gem Earrings // Sold out, but similar linked!
Sunglasses // There sort of make me look like John Lennon, but I still like them!

I’ve spent my entire life living in chilly climates. In fact, as sad as it is to say it, New York is the warmest place I’ve ever lived. I grew up in Chicago, which is very cold, and went college in Syracuse, New York, which isn’t quite as cold but gets much more snow. And as a result of living in places with such chilly winters (though honestly, New York really isn’t that bad!), I’ve developed quite a coat collection. To me, investing it coats makes sense: You wear them for the majority of the year, every day. My favorite sort of coat to add to my closet? A statement coat.

You can probably deduce what I’m talking about when I say statement coat: A coat in a bold color, or a unique cut, a garment that makes people stop you on the street to pay you a compliment. (The latter is exactly what happened while wearing this coat!) This long purple coat was my statement coat purchase of the 2017/2018 winter season. I’m obsessed with the color and the tie at the waist — plus the length, which is unlike any other coat I own!

This coat is from J.Crew, and they are seriously the best when it comes to brightly colored statement coats. I love the classic cocoon coat, and how cute is this furry one? If you’re looking to build up your own statement coat collection, now is the perfect time: Since stores are starting to roll out spring items, coats — like the one I’m wearing — are going on sale! You can still get a month or two of use out of it before packing your coat away for the summer, and come November, you’ll have a cute coat to break out to ring in the season!

A note on the rest of the outfit: I’m obsessed with this sweater, which is oversized and comes in the pretty lavender-pink hue. I actually wore it to work today with my black jeans, which have become my go-to pair of pants in my closet. Fun fact: I didn’t have a pair of black jeans before this winter, and I don’t know how I lived without them. Whether it’s going out, going to work or just running errands, I find myself reaching for them. Seriously the most versatile pants! Which, I know, is not revolutionary, but if you don’t yet have a pair in your closet, rectify the issue! I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

J.Crew Tie-waist topcoat in double-serge wool - Pearl Girl

I got these Chelsea boots last Christmas as a gift, but I am definitely planning on repurchasing whenever I run them into the ground. (I will say though, I’ve had them for over a year and they’ve held up well so far.) They are seriously the best shoes to throw on throughout the fall and winter, and look equally good with skirts and dresses as they do with pants. This outfit has essentially been my uniform for the past month: Black pants, comfy (but chic!) sweater, wool coat and Chelsea boots. Case in point: I wore this exact outfit to work this week!

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Red Sleeveless Sweater + Striped Skirt


sweater (comes in navy and white, too!) | skirt (size down) | shoes | bag | sunglasses | earrings | gold ring (on sale!) | ring

Hi all! Hope you are having a good start to the week so far. Mondays are never the best, but usually there’s either some version of the Bachelor franchise on, or Dancing With the Stars. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love them both! Haha.

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

New York really is a diverse city. Beyond just the people, but on one block you might see a line of gorgeous townhomes like this one, and then walk a few more steps and someone’s peeing in the street. Yes, this really happens.

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

Luckily Natalie and I didn’t encounter any of the latter while we were snapping some photos up near her apartment. I love the area around East End Ave on the Upper East Side, but rarely make it all the way over there (it’s up and pretty far east from where I live.) The neighborhood is filled with stunning houses — the red door on this one is amazing!

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

It’s hard to talk about fall clothing when it’s still pretty hot out, but luckily for any autumn lovers like myself out there, the temperatures are finally starting to drop a bit. I was lusting after this J.Crew sleeveless sweater since July, but waited for it to go on sale before picking it up in August. I think it’s even better suited to this time of year than when I first saw it!

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

I really love wearing red, as I’ve shown with these shoes before. I have far too much white in my wardrobe, so I’m always trying to buy more color — red’s usually the first one I reach for!

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

Hope you all have a nice Tuesday!

Diana Pearl wears red sleeveless sweater from J.Crew and striped skirt from Banana Republic on Pearl Girl

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5 Books I Loved This Summer

I read a lot this summer, between the flights, the train rides, and of course, the daily commute on the subway. I love reading, but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle of a social life and social media. About a year ago my office moved from being a 20 minute walk to a 35 minute commute on the subway, and having that hour a day has done wonders for my reading habits (though I really miss walking to work!) Here’s five books I loved this summer.

brooklyn by colm toibin reading recommendations on pearl girl

Brooklyn | I saw this movie last December and absolutely adored it. The book was just as good. For those of you who haven’t experienced either, Brooklyn tells the story of a young Irish girl who moves to Brooklyn for a new job. You watch her deal with homesickness, falling in love, and the pull of what’s familiar. To be honest, this book (and movie) really struck a chord with me. As someone who does live farther from their family and where they grew up, a lot of the emotions Eilis feels are ones that I’ve definitely felt before myself. I won’t give away the ending, but for anyone who’s ever left home, it’ll definitely make you cry.

I know I broke a cardinal rule by not reading the book first, but I enjoyed both so much, I don’t think it truly detracted from the experience. If you get a chance to read or see it, I highly recommend both.

 reading recommendations on pearl girl

The Singles Game | I had the chance to speak to author Lauren Weisberger, of Devil Wears Prada fame, about this book for my day job, and after the interview, I was so excited to pick it up. If you loved DWP, you’ll probably like this. It’s about a young tennis player who gets a new, tough, real asshole of a coach (sound familiar?) It also made me really want to start playing tennis again! Or at least, go to a tennis tournament. Unfortunately, I missed this year’s U.S. Open — maybe next year?

big little lies by liane moriarty reading recommendations on pearl girl

Big Little Lies | I’ve heard good things about Liane Moriarty books, but this was my first. Well, everyone was right. This book is amazing. It’s got twists and turns, but manages to stay pretty light-hearted throughout. It focuses on the stories of three mothers and their relationships with their families and other parents at their school. At the beginning of the story, you learn there was a murder at the school’s trivia night, but you don’t know who died, how, or who killed them until the very end.  I could not get enough — and luckily, there’s going to be a Big Little Lies miniseries on HBO next year, with a star-studded cast: Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, to name a few.

the girl on the train by paula hawkins reading recommendations on pearl girl

The Girl on the TrainLots of books are called the next Gone Girl, but no one has gotten that title more than Girl on the Train. And while I’ll admit I enjoyed Gone Girl more than this, Girl on the Train was really, really good. This is a book that had been on my list for a long while now, and with the movie coming out in a few weeks, it was time to start. I ended up finishing it within a few days, and while the twist wasn’t quite as OMG-out-there as GG (or Big Little Lies, for that matter), it was definitely freaky.

first comes love emily giffin reading recommendations on pearl girl

First Comes Love | I love Emily Giffin books. Absolutely adore. She is without a doubt my favorite author, and I’ve read each of her books more than once. Her latest, First Comes Love, was just as incredible as all the others have been. She has a knack for telling the most compelling stories about people’s lives, and making you root for the thing you “shouldn’t” be rooting for. This one is about two sisters who are still dealing with a family tragedy over a decade later. If you’ve never read an Emily Giffin book, run, do not walk to your bookstore. They’re all incredible. 

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White Romper + Espadrille Wedges

white romper (now on sale!) // espadrille wedges // earrings (similar) // ring

It pains me a little to say that this adorable romper is now on sale (for $60 off the original price!) But since I’ve worn it so much since purchasing it back in May, I can deal with it. Slap a bow on it, and chances are, I’ll want to buy it.


We snapped these photos after celebrating Natalie’s birthday with breakfast at Union Fare, home of the famous birthday cake croissant. I personally was a huge fan, but they have other flavors (like matcha and red velvet) if birthday cake isn’t up your alley.



Gramercy is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, especially the immediate area surrounding Gramercy Park. All the townhomes and apartment buildings are beautiful. Life goals? Have a key, haha! For now, sneaking a peek from outside the gates will have to do.





More eyelet rompers I’m loving (for next year!)

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Iceland’s Ring Road

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

While Reykjavik is great, the real sights in Iceland are outside the city’s borders — and most are off the country’s famed Ring Road. We set off heading west on the Ring Road after a day at the Blue Lagoon.

You could hit a lot of these sights on one of the many, many group tours offered in Iceland, but we opted to rent a car and do it ourselves, a route I highly recommend taking. It’s cheaper, totally do-able on your own, and allows you to set your own pace.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

Our first stop was at Seljalandsfoss (foss is Icelandic for waterfall.) You can see it while you’re driving, so it’s a hard one to miss. What’s special about this fall is that it’s easy to walk behind it, giving you the opportunity for photos from the one above.

There’s also a sandwich shop and bathrooms at the base of the falls, which is very useful. And yes, they take credit cards. Everywhere does in Iceland — even the tiny sandwich shop in quite literally the middle of no where.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

Wearing: barbour jacket // scarf // striped shirt // hunters // pants // bag (similar)

Another great thing about Iceland? Even the things you didn’t expect are other-wordly beautiful. We were driving to Jokulsarlon, a glacier lagoon four hours outside of Reykjavik, and happened to find another glacier that wasn’t on our itinerary.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

On the way to Jokulsarlon, you’ll pass a tiny town called Vik (although in Iceland, it’s practically urban.) This is where we spent two nights while exploring around the Ring Road. I couldn’t recommend our AirBnB more. Our host, Hrund, provided breakfast every morning, the room had a beautiful view of the Atlantic and the famous Vik rock formations.

She also brought us fermented shark and shots to wash it down. It’s an Icelandic speciality, and about as gross as it sounds. (Even Anthony Bourdain won’t eat it!)

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Iceland

Next up on our drive was Jokulsarlon. We got amazing weather with plenty of sun while we were there, but since we were visiting in June, there were less glaciers and icebergs than you’d have if you were visiting in November or March (although it would have been much colder!)

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

The really incredible views came later on when we drove to the other side of the lagoon. It was absolutely breathtaking. You can do whale-watching and boat tours from here, too.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

Across the road is one of Iceland’s famous black sand beaches, with, you guessed it, even more ice.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

The next morning we headed off from Vik to the nearby Skógafoss, another waterfall.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

This one, you can climb to the top, where you can see the “thumbs up.”Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

And yes, this is the waterfall you see in Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” video.


Wearing: windbreaker // t-shirt // sweater // hunters // pants (I live in these come fall and winter!) // bag (similar)

We left there, and drove a bit to reach one of the many outdoor pools in Iceland, Seljavallalaug. To get there, you have to drive on a dirt road and then walk a bit, but in my opinion, it’s well worth it! We were the only Americans there — it felt like a very local experience. There’s changing rooms and ladders to get into the pool, but be warned, you are in nature: It’s a little (very) muddy.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

Another Bieber spot is the abandoned plane. Be warned: You are no longer allowed to drive up to the plane, so you need to park your car and walk. It’s probably about a mile or two, but after a day of exploring, it felt like much longer.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

The wreckage is of a United States Navy plane that crashed in 1973. Thankfully, there were no fatalities in the crash. You can walk inside, too. It’s eerie.

Iceland Ring Road Travel Guide on Pearl Girl

Our last stop was close to our AirBnB: Vik’s famous black sand beaches! These are the rock formations I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t, however, recommend dipping your toes in this beach: It’s very, very cold.

Those who have traveled to Iceland before are probably thinking — wait, where’s the Golden Circle on this list? Since it’s such a huge attraction, I figured I’d save it for its own post, which will be up on Pearl Girl soon!

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