Cable Knit Sweater, Corduroy Skirt + Barbour Beadnell

Cable Knit Sweater // I wanted a way oversized look, so I sized up to an extra large. The large just wasn’t oversized enough for my taste! It’s on sale for under $30 now, too!
Corduroy Skirt // The one I have is almost sold out, but this one is identical!
Barbour Beadnell // My favorite fall jacket! You can also buy a liner to wear it into the cooler months. Size up one size. (Also available at Bloomingdale’s.)
Earrings // Old from C.Wonder (RIP!) but very similar ones can be found here.
Loafers // Very similar can be found here. These are old, I swiped them from my mom’s closet!

Happy New Year!!! I’m excited for a new year and everything that comes with it. (Including, for the foreseeable future, no travel plans and a moment to catch my breath at home!)

Confession: I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for, well, weeks. But as you likely know, I haven’t had much of a moment to sit still, let alone crank out a blog post over the past month or so. As such, this outfit is probably better suited for fall than winter — though I think if you paired it with nude tights, a Kate Middleton favorite, you’d be just fine! And to be honest, I love love love this outfit, so I don’t really care if it’s not entirely seasonally appropriate. (Winter clothing is kind of boring anyways. A lot of sweaters, jeans and boots, right?)

One of my biggest life updates — as it relates to this little corner of the internet — is that I bought a new camera!  I’ve had the same DSLR camera since I graduated high school, which was all the way back in 2010. And since I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus I’ve found myself wondering — is my phone’s camera better than my SLR? Cameras have advanced so much in the past seven or so years. And the thought of a new camera started to creep into my head. Like I said, I’ve had my camera for almost eight years. It’s been with me to 24 countries (!!!). It’s been so good to me, but it feels like time to retire it.

As such, my hunt for a new camera began a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to make the switch from DSLR to Mirrorless. From what I’ve read, the image quality is just as good, but the camera is smaller and much easier to carry around. (A godsend, because a DSLR can really be a pain to lug around, especially while traveling or walking around the city.)

After a lot of debating, I had landed on a few options. One of these three Sony cameras: This one, this one, or this one or this Fujifilm one. The Fuji one and cheaper Sony ones are less expensive, but they don’t come with built-in image stabilization. And for Fuji, the type of lens I want, a prime lens, doesn’t have it either. So that knocked that one out of the running. (Despite the fact that I adore the way it looks, haha!) Comparing the Sony options, it seemed that the main difference between the a6000 and the a6300 was for video users, something I barely use (my current camera can’t even take videos!) so it didn’t seem worth it to spend the extra $300 on it. And I just couldn’t stomach the $1,000+ cost of the a6500, especially as that didn’t even include lenses.

So eventually, I went with the a6000! With a new camera also comes a new lens: I bought a 35mm lens, which will be great for blog and travel photos! (I may purchase another one later — stay tuned!) I can’t wait to play around with a new camera, especially one that’s more lightweight. I plan on taking it with me for days out in NYC, and will definitely be doing some more NYC-centric content in 2018.

And one more thing, non-camera related: Season two of The Crown! If you know anything about me, you know that I’m not-so-low-key obsessed with the British royal family. So imagine my delight when Netflix decided to create a show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Though I already know a lot of what happens, there’s a lot of new information in the show, too. (I didn’t know a ton about Princess Margaret before now, which is a shame because she’s glam AF in the show!) I absolutely can’t wait for the third season, when we’ll start to get into the Charles and Camilla romance — and perhaps catch a glimpse of Diana, too!

If you haven’t watched yet, I highly recommend it. A great show whether you’re a royal fan or not!

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