Black Sweater, Mules and Step Hem Jeans: A Simple, Easy Outfit for Fall

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Black V-Neck Sweater // This one is a very similar look, too!
Step Hem Jeans
Black Mules
Bag // It’s vintage Hermes, and was the find of a lifetime at a What Goes Around Comes Around sample sale last year. This bag has a similar style, though!

Oh, Monday! It’s my first one back at work in two weeks, so it’s likely to feel even more Monday-ish than normal. This weekend was non-stop, too. I had a friend from college visiting, so a group of us went on a long walk through Central Park on Saturday before getting dinner at Pig and Khao on the Lower East Side. It was such a tasty spot, highly recommend ordering the pork belly and the grilled pork jowl (with the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had.)

Sunday was the New York City Marathon, which I’ve honestly never really paid a huge amount of attention to. This year was very different, as my roommate was running! It was pretty amazing to see so many people achieve this incredible physical feat (especially one of my best friends!) and the city really felt alive while we were watching. I can’t say I’d ever do it myself — read: I’d literally never do that myself — but I understand why people are drawn to the sport. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards must be unreal.

Onto the outfit. This is sort of my “fall uniform,” and it’s (obviously) very easy to recreate: Jeans, sweater, some sort of loafer, and a black bag. I usually don’t wear too much black in the summer, as the warm weather just has me reaching for brighter hues. (Besides, doesn’t wearing black in the sun just make you hotter?) But once October rolls around, I’m all for it. I picked up this sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer, and I love how lightweight it is. My other two black sweaters are on the thicker side, so it’s nice to wear something that’s not quite so bulky but still feels seasonably-appropriate. (And is warm!)

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Like every other fashion-loving, somewhat basic girl out there, I’ve been coveting a pair of Gucci mules slash loafers for quite some time now. While my current financial status couldn’t justify the $500+ price tag, these Target dupes were much easier to swallow. Like, way easier: They’re less than $25. They also come in silver, so if you’re really feeling the style, why not pick up both? I mean, THEY’RE $23.

I’ve also recently hopped on board the step hem jeans trend. And this pair, I’ve been wearing non-stop since it became pants-appropriate weather (and even a little before!) I am a skinny jean loyalist through and through, and truly believe now that we’ve discovered them they’ll never really go out of style. Butttt it’s fun to mix up such a (now) classic look with new trends. After all, I’ve been wearing dark skinnies since high school, so anything that’s a bit different from the standard look is worth embracing, right? Well, not anything — I’m not about to wear acid wash skinny jeans — but you get what I’m saying. This pair is a tiny bit big in the waist, so I always wear them with my favorite belt. I got a small, originally intending to wear it around my waist a dress, but I like how it doesn’t loop too far around my body (if that makes sense?) when I wear it with pants.

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  • Love the simplicity of this outfit! And agree re: the marathon…I wish I had it in me, but it isn’t something that’ll likely ever happen 🙂 It was amazing “tracking” (#apps #technology) one of my bffs, though, and I definitely want to make the trip to the city to watch in person sometime!

  • Diana, this is such an elegantly casual look! I love it! Those mules are so cute – and I am usually not a mule person!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal