Why I’m Going On a Month-Long Shopping Hiatus

Why I'm Not Shopping for a Month, Month-Long Spending Freeze

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I love clothes.

This shouldn’t come as a shock — I mean, I have a fashion blog for a reason. And normally, it’s not a big deal: Clothes bring me joy, but my closet has much more H&M than Helmut Lang, and my (very limited) designer bag collection (does two count as a collection?) was bought secondhand, at a steep discount. Meaning I’m not one to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and spend my rent money on a pair of Manolos. (Though since I don’t live in fantasy land and am not in possession of a rent-controlled apartment, my rent is much more than a pair of Manolos.)

But still, I have to say it: July was a spend-heavy month. Blame it on good deals (if you caught my Instagram Stories, I scored a pair of Stuart Weitzman Midland boots for $320, and it was amazing), summer clothes, and pre-fall sales. I can’t regret the purchases: I’ve wanted those boots for literal years, and I knew I’d never find them at a cheaper price. (And OMG, if you’re a 9.5, they’re on sale for $360 here.)

It wasn’t anything irresponsible, either. I’m protective of my credit score (and my cash!), so I have a very strict pay off your credit card every month in full policy, and I never buy anything I can’t afford. Just the thought of carrying a balance gives me serious stress! It was also my birthday month, so I did come into more money than usual (thanks, family!) In the end, it was still more than I want to spend on stuff every month, even if it’s stuff I love.

Thinking about my purchases this past month had me thinking about a post Mackenzie, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote in 2014. She went on a month-long spending hiatus, and actually enjoyed the experience. So for the sake of my sanity and my bank account, in August, I’ve decided to do the same. I’ve dubbed it No Shop August, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: No shopping for the month of August.

Life is all about balance, and it feels like a wise move to balance out a more expensive month with a thriftier one. Plus, it’s a fun challenge + and will be interesting to see what I save at the end of it. And August feels like a good time. Fall is on the horizon, so there’s no need to keep buying cute summer dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. But fall is far enough away that sweaters and jeans seem like a distant memory.

What will be hard? Well, clothes are all around me. I literally walk through a mall every morning to get to work. I create collages for this blog, which requires me to “window shop.” My friends obviously know I like clothes, and send me items that they think I’d like (I’ve told them to do stop this for the next month!) Basically, temptation is a constant presence, so this will be a test of my shopping will power. I say “test” — I really don’t think this will be that difficult. Low spending months happen all the time, but since this is a conscious effort, it’ll be a little different!

The thing is that I really do love the clothes I have. And I hope that this month makes me rediscover old favorites, find new ways to wear pieces I thought were tired, as well as realize what’s really out of date (or shape) and needs to go.

Part of the reason I’m putting this out here, on the blog, is to hold myself accountable. If all of you know that I’m not supposed to be shopping, then I really won’t do it, right? I’ll also check in come September about how the month went + what I learned!

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  • I did no shopping for a month last August into September and it actually felt so fulfilling! It was also much easier than I anticipated…it’ll fly by!

    • Yay, that’s good to hear! And I had a feeling it was a good month to do it 🙂 xx