I Really, Really Love Everlane

Hi all! Dropping in to wax poetic about one of my favorite brands, ever, Everlane. If you’ve heard of it, you’ll know they sell high quality basics without the markup you’ll typically see at department stores. All of their products are also ethically-produced, and their whole mission is all about transparency — from how much it costs to make something to where their factories are located and who runs them. They often run “pay what you want promotions” and even lowered the price on cashmere this year when wholesale prices declined.

Fashion blogger Diana Pearl of Pearl Girl shares why I love Everlane with the Everlane Cashmere Crew

Everlane Cashmere Crew

I know I’m sounding a bit like a commercial, but I wanted to share my love for Everlane now because I had an amazing customer service experience with them last month.I ordered a t-shirt this past December. (I lost my other one during the craziness of being home in Chicago for the World Series. Literally no idea where it went. Don’t you hate it when that happens?!) I sent it home to Chicago so I could pick it up there rather than deal with shipping it to my apartment in the city (#NoDoormanLife!) When I got home, I realized they accidentally sent me a wallet instead. Of course, I emailed Everlane to alert them of the error and ask them how we can make the switch. They emailed back within the hour to let me know they’d just shipped a new t-shirt. And I could keep the wallet! How nice is that?

Fashion blogger Diana Pearl of Pearl Girl shares why I love Everlane with the Everlane Relaxed Silk Shirt

Everlane Relaxed Silk Shirt

I think we can all agree that good customer service is really important (it’s definitely one of the reasons why Nordstrom is so popular, right?) I was so impressed with their response. A friend recently had a similar situation happen to her and the company didn’t handle it well — she had to reorder the product twice and it was such a headache.

The Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress

The Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress

Of course, Everlane’s product is amazing. They make my favorite t-shirts — the U-Neck and the Drop Shoulder are my favorites. I also have their $100 Cashmere Crew, which is so soft and chic, I’m constantly reaching for it on work days. These pants are fancier, work-appropriate version of leggings. Oh, and their shoes? I’ve wanted these loafers for years, and I got these Chelsea boots for Christmas, and they are beautiful. The leather is stunning. (Can you tell how obsessed I am with this brand?)

Fashion blogger Diana Pearl of Pearl Girl shares why I love Everlane with the Everlane Modern Chelsea Boot

Everlane Modern Chelsea Boot

I do think it’s important to support companies that make products in a transparent, ethical way. Admittedly, it’s not always my first concern when shopping, something I should work harder to change. But with Everlane you get an amazing product + a clear conscience. What could be better than that?

(P.S. this is not sponsored, I just love Everlane that much!)

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