How I Spent 52 Perfect Hours on Nantucket, Part Two

Read part one of my Nantucket recap here.

I left off at the end of our first day on Nantucket

On Sunday, we started the day with an Uber ride over to ‘Sconset, a neighborhood (or a town? I’ve seen it referred to both ways!) on the eastern side of Nantucket. We got off at the Sconset Market, where we grabbed (delicious!) blueberry muffins for breakfast.

Nantucket Travel Guide, What to Do on Nantucket // Pearl Girl

The ‘Sconset Bluff Walk was high up on my list of things to do in Nantucket, as I’d seen plenty of gorgeous Instagrams and wanted to experience the full thing for myself. It was just as beautiful as I’d imagined. The houses are enormous (and incredibly expensive, I would imagine), and it’s so cool that you’re able to get so close to them while walking on the path.

It was also relatively deserted. The entire time, we probably saw one or two other groups of people. We didn’t see anyone coming out of the houses, either. Be warned, though: The walk to Santaky Head Light, which just after the end of the Bluff Walk, is pretty long. (I’d guess a couple miles?) We didn’t want to do the whole thing twice, so we grabbed an Uber from there instead.

Though the walk looks out at the ocean, most of the waterfront property there is private. However, there was one staircase towards the beginning of the walk that wasn’t marked private, so we snuck down. It was amazing! There was literally no one on the beach, the waves were coming in, and it was just so peaceful. We probably stayed down there for 15 minutes, but if I had a towel and a bathing suit, I could have parked it all day!

We spent 15 minutes taking photos and catching our breath at Santaky Head. It’s so picturesque and so classically Nantucket, I loved it!

Afterwards, we hopped in an Uber back to our AirBnB, where we took advantage of the amazing porch situation and drank a Fisher’s Island Lemonade (they are the best!) One of my favorite things about our AirBnB was that the family who owned the guest cottage (it was on the property of their larger house) had a dog, Brody, who let roam free throughout the property! He came to visit us while we were drinking and chatting and he was the cutest!

We then got another Uber and headed over to Cisco Brewery for lunch, music and drinks. Y’all, this is such a fun place to spend an afternoon on Nantucket. There’s food trucks (including one from 167 Raw in Charleston!), wine, beer, cider and sangria, live music and picnic tables. (Oh, and also, a lot of dogs.) We hung here for a couple hours, just drinking, chatting, dancing and eating lobster rolls. This spot should be on everyone’s Nantucket itinerary.

Back at our AirBnB, we took advantage of the grill and cooked dinner (well, Natalie cooked most of it) and caught glimpses of the Tonys. (I was so psyched Dear Evan Hansen won!)

Monday morning we got breakfast at Downyflake, where we each had a skillet and one of their famous donuts (I also picked up another one for the road!) Food on Nantucket can be pricey, so I highly recommend this spot, which was very affordable (but still tasty!) Afterwards headed downtown to shop around a bit more and grab one more ice cream at the Juice Bar.

My suit ($40!) // Vineyard Vines hat // Clubmaster sunglasses // Market tote

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Surfside Beach, which was walking distance from our AirBnB. Luckily, we had amazing weather the whole trip, but Monday especially was gorgeous and warm. The water was really cold, so none of us actually went swimming.

We sort of cut it close on timing for our departure, rushing back to our house, throwing all our stuff into our bags, and catching a quick Uber to the airport. Luckily, there was literally no security line and we boarded almost immediately after going through.

It really was the perfect weekend, and I’m so sad it’s over! We’re already talking about plans for next year, and we all agree on one thing: Three days was not nearly long enough!

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A Strapless White Midi Dress in Downtown Nantucket

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

White Midi Dress (On sale for less than $20! And available in petite.) //
Tassel Earrings (The best deal!!! Less than $10 and available in a ton of colors!) //
Cult Gaia Bag (Also available here.) //
Jack Rogers Sandals //
Clubmaster Sunglasses //

Y’all, what a week I’ve had. I flew back from Chicago on Monday night (flights are so much cheaper on Mondays than Sundays, highly recommend it!) and my flight had a bad delay. Coupled with the fact that it was an evening flight to begin with, it was bad. We were stuck at O’Hare until 11:30-ish, at which point they told us that LaGuardia was closed and we’d have to fly into JFK or Newark (both of which are significantly further from my apartment.) When all was said and done, I didn’t get home until 3:30 in the morning. I didn’t even really sleep in on Tuesday, as the apartment above me is having some sort of construction done, which started loudly around 8:00 in the morning. Of all the days to have intense pounding going on above your head!

I crashed hard on Tuesday night, but even writing this post right now — at 9:15 on Wednesday — I feel like I’m about to fall asleep. Why does one night of bad sleep mess you up so much?

Anyway, that saga explains why I didn’t have a blog post up until Thursday of this week. I had been planning to write on the flight, but by the time we got on I was so wiped and just wanted to read and take a nap.

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

I wore this simple dress for our last day wandering around downtown Nantucket. We wanted to pop back into some of the adorable stores to see if there were any last-minute purchases to make. Surprisingly, I don’t think I made any! But whether you buy something or not, a day spent (window) shopping in downtown Nantucket is always a good one. It’s a preppy paradise!

I’d been searching for a good white strapless dress for a while now, and I really love the length of this one. I think it’s so elegant + can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s also under $20 right now and was recently restocked, so it’s available in a ton of sizes!

Oh, and I know. Another white dress? I told you it was my summer uniform! (I wore my jean jacket with this outfit, too, but took it off for photos.)

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

But the real star of this outfit are these tassel earrings. I’d been eyeing a similar pair for a while, but just couldn’t stomach the price tag. I mean, they’re literally thread. We’re not talking diamonds here. So when my friend Brooke told me about this Etsy shop that sells tassel earrings in a huge variety of colors, it was about five minutes of browsing before I purchased three pairs. They are shipped from Thailand, so there’s a shipping cost, but it’s nothing crazy. And for the product cost, more than worth it! There are still lots of colors and styles available, so check out the shop! PS: Shipping time takes a bit but they’ll get there, don’t worry!

ASOS White Strapless Midi Dress, White Dresses for Summer and Cheap Tassel Earrings // Pearl Girl

They’re such a fun statement piece, right? I’m in love!

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Life + Links

Nantucket Massachusetts Travel Guide

Nantucket Massachusetts Travel Guide

Did you catch my first half of my Nantucket recap?

I don’t think I’ve ever posted on a Sunday before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? I’ve had the best week at home in Chicago, catching up with friends and family (and on sleep!) I love my life in New York, but there’s really nothing like coming home and spending a few days in Chicago. I’m so lucky to still be close with my group of friends from high school, so seeing them is always so much fun. And since I w as able to take the bulk of this week off of work, I’ve been able to see them a ton. It is also just so much easier to get into Chicago from the suburbs than it is to get into New York from the surrounding suburbs there. The train is fast, and if traffic isn’t bad, you can be downtown in 30 minutes. I feel like I’ve been back and forth to the city every day I’ve been here. I’ll have a full recap of my trip home up next week, so stay tuned for more details and photos!

Today will be a little quieter — just spending the day at home in the ‘burbs with my family and going to SoulCycle with my mom in the morning. It’s been a busy few days and is coming to end tomorrow night — I fly back to NYC on Monday! Luckily, there’s still more to look forward to this summer: Out of town visitors and beach weekends, to name a few! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy the links below!

What I’m Reading

If you can’t tell, I’m Nantucket obsessed. Loved Krista’s list of things to do on the island — I cosign all of them!

Loved Lauryn’s post on how to channel confidence.

Jess’s post on a shift in perspective is amazing! Such a great read for anyone going through a change.

And another post from Jess: Rosé popsicles!

Are stereotypes about working in the fashion industry (a la Devil Wears Prada) true? (From my own perspective, most people I’ve worked with in fashion are very nice!)

Bloggers (or aspiring photographers!), Dana’s post on photography is a must-read.

I loved following along with Bridget’s Geneva journey, and I really enjoyed this post on what she will/won’t miss about Europe!

Grace’s apartment is SO chic. You must check it out in her updated post.

Anddd I loved Grace’s London travel diary. London is my favorite place in the world!

Could you leave your phone at home all weekend?

Congrats to Mollie on the rebranding of her site!

What I’m Shopping

Amazon Prime day is Tuesday — don’t forget to shop!

Anddd the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts next week, too!

Finally picked up the Rosebud Salve lip balm, and yep, I love it!

I’ve featured this denim jacket on the blog a zillion times, because I’m so obsessed!

I’ve been wearing these old sunglasses constantly. Such a classic style + a great investment.

What I’m Writing

The first half of my Nantucket recap! Take me back to that perfect island.

A seersucker romper on Nantucket.

How to make your apartment feel like a home.

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How I Spent 52 Perfect Hours on Nantucket, Part One

Nantucket Travel Guide, What to Do on Nantucket // Pearl Girl

Waiting at our gate for our flight to Nantucket, my friend Charlotte said a colleague had told her that “Nantucket is pleasure.” After spending a long weekend on the island, I have to say that I’m in complete agreement with that description. Nantucket isn’t very big, but every mile is gorgeous, summertime perfection. Not to mention, I visited with three of my close friends, Natalie, Charlotte and Ivy. If you were in a sorority, they are my “little”, my “big” and my “grand little.” We’d never traveled together as a group before, but it was so much fun — I see many more trips together in our future.

I honestly just have so many photos I want to share from my time on Nantucket, so I’m going to break this up into two posts. (You’re probably going to read through this and think ‘This is only half of the photos you’re sharing?’ Yep, I took a lot of photos!)

How We Got There

We flew in on Saturday morning, on the new direct service to Nantucket from LaGuardia on Delta. If you’re looking to get to Nantucket from Manhattan, I’d highly recommend this option, as trekking up to the Cape + taking the ferry seems like quite the trek. Flights can get pricey, so book in advance — we booked ours in February, and paid less than $200 round trip!

The Nantucket airport is actually adorable. It’s so tiny. Right after we left the plane, a truck drove up the bags and dropped them off right there. And when you’re flying out, you honestly can get to your flight five minutes before you’re supposed to board and make it there on time.

Where We Stayed

We rented a guest cottage on the property of a larger house through AirBnB, which is totally the way to do Nantucket. I’ve seen several other bloggers talk about staying at a hotel, which also seems lovely, but staying at a house was amazing. There was a patio with a table, chairs and a grill, which we put to use on Sunday. It was so cozy and felt more home-y than staying at a hotel. And honestly, nothing beats cracking open a Fisher’s Island Lemonade on the patio.

How We Got Around

We were far away enough from the downtown area that we didn’t want to bike everywhere, and didn’t really want to rent a car and deal with the hassle of parking, either. Thankfully, Nantucket has Uber! We never waited long for a ride, and all the drivers were super friendly! I’d say most of them cost about $12-15. If you’re splitting between multiple people (or switching off who orders the Ubers!) it’s totally doable. (And then, of course, you can have a few glasses of wine without worry!)

What We Did

We arrived on Saturday around noon, and headed over to the house we were staying in. After quickly changing and settling in, we hoped in an Uber to downtown. We were all pretty hungry, but knowing how expensive food on Nantucket can get (#IslandLife) so we just grabbed a slice of pizza and sandwiches (not both for each of us!) down near the water on Broad Street. Then we grabbed ice cream cones at the Juice Bar, which has the best waffle cone I’ve ever eaten in my life. However, Natalie had a smoothie, which was also so good. You can’t go wrong!

We had a reservation at 4 p.m. with Endeavor Sailing, so in the meantime, we walked around and popped into all the different shops in downtown Nantucket. A few favorites? Skinny Dip, which I also visited in Charleston, Murray’s, a preppy paradise with lots of Nantucket reds, and Margaux, a brand that carries beautiful ballet flats. However, my favorite item I purchased on the Straight Wharf, in a tourist-y shop called Nantucket Peddlers, where I got this red sweatshirt! We all ended up buying them, as they were $30 and the perfect Nantucket souvenir!

Our ride on Endeavor Sailing was amazing: 90 minutes on the water, and you can just sit and relax while the boat staff takes care of everything. One important tip: BRING DRINKS. As the boat was pulling up from their last ride, we saw the passengers holding red cups. And we realized, you can BYOB to this boat ride! We were about five minutes from departure, and Natalie literally took off towards the nearest liquor store (which was about five-ish blocks away) and then came back equipped with a four pack of Fisher’s. (Bless her.) The ride wouldn’t have been the same without it.

That night, we went to dinner at Cru, which is right on the water and had a great lobster roll. It’s on the pricier side, but this was our only really nice meal out, so we didn’t mind! Afterwards, we made a stop at Stop N Shop downtown to pick up groceries for the rest of the weekend — another perk to having a house!

The rest of my Nantucket photos and recap will be up on the blog early next week — along with another Nantucket outfit!

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Tie-Front Seersucker Romper in ‘Sconset, Nantucket

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Seersucker Romper //
Bubble Earrings //
Jean Jacket //
Clear Sunglasses //
Navy Bag (Old — similar linked!) //
Sperry Boat Shoes //

Nothing beats a holiday weekend. These photos are actually from my Nantucket trip a few weeks ago, but I’ve been having the best time at home in Chicago for the Fourth. It felt like everyone I followed on Instagram was at the beach or on a boat this weekend, and while I did neither, I still had a great one. I didn’t leave for Chicago until Sunday morning (better flight prices), but I hung out on my friend’s roof on Saturday and had a Fisher’s Island Lemonade. Have you had one? They’re SO yummy but you can only get them in New England! That night I saw the play The Little Foxes on Broadway. Cynthia Nixon won a Tony for it, and Laura Linney also starred. It was excellent, and I’d say go see it, but it closed on Sunday!

I’ll do a full recap of my trip home next week, so I won’t blab on about my weekend for any longer!

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

My Nantucket recap and recommendations post is coming tomorrow, but this is a sneak peek of what we did during our 5o-ish hours on that perfect little island! We snapped these photos in ‘Sconset, a neighborhood (or village? not sure, to be honest!) on Sunday morning. Normally, the beaches off of the Sconset Bluff Walk aren’t open to visitors, but there was a staircase down there that was open early on in the walk, so we popped down for ten minutes or so. It was honestly amazing — there wasn’t a person in sight! So of course, we had to take a few photos!

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

I’ll chat more about the Bluff Walk in tomorrow’s post, but at the end is Santaky Head Lighthouse, where we snapped the rest of these photos. I wore this adorable, super affordable little romper (which I actually wore walking around Chicago on Wednesday!) It reminded me of another romper I loved last summer but cost $100 — just a little too much for something I can’t wear to work. This $45 one is super similar, and is just the right price for a fun summer item! It’s running low on sizes (I’m wearing a small and I think it’s perfect.)

I’m also loving this romper, in a darker blue, this patterned one, which is on sale, and this pretty floral one.

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

Everly Tie Front Seersucker Romper in Sconset, Nantucket // Pearl Girl blog

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