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Charleston, South Carolina Trip and Reading Recommendations // Pearl Girl

This week was a quick one for me. I started it off in Charleston, on the last day of my long weekend getaway with my mom. My trip home hit a bit of a snag: My flight was supposed to take off at 7:50, and I got a text around 4:– that it was delayed four hours. Meaning I’d get back to NYC past 1 a.m. Not ideal. Then the delay moved to 10 p.m. — not great, but manageable. And then it moved to 12:30 a.m. — a 3 a.m. arrival back in NYC. There were no other flights to NYC on United, and they wouldn’t reroute me on a connecting flight.

But thankfully, there was an 8:30 flight on JetBlue, so I got a refund from United, walked over to the JetBlue counter, and booked that flight. Then I went through security, and saw United cancelled my original flightMy mom and I high fived at that gate when we realized, to which an observer said ‘That’s an odd reaction to seeing your flight got canceled.’ LOL! Sorry sir. A potential crisis situation averted!

The rest of the week was business as usual: Work and warm weather! I have family coming to visit this weekend, which I’m looking forward to, as well as some time at home to clean my room, catch up on errands and all that boring stuff.

What I’m Reading

Lauryn’s post about her sister’s addiction is so honest and open. A must-read.

Loved Meghan’s wine tips and lessons she picked up in France.

Rosé recommendations from Jess (seeing a theme here?!)

Lauren’s navy walls — and her entire bedroom — look amazing!

Loving J.Crew’s new party dress line, and Jillian looks gorgeous in this one.

These photos from Sarah at Rosecliff are stunning.

A look at the career of the woman who founded Urban Decay.

I’m sure you’ve seen this link already. But if you read one thing this week, make it this: My Family’s Slave.

What I’m Shopping

Obsessed with this gingham mini dress.

I love Levi’s, and I’m dying to add a pair of shorts to my collection.

I haven’t always loved J.Crew’s dresses in the past, but they’re killing it now. Need this one.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the price isn’t as bad as you’d expect. (Still a big splurge though!)

What I’m Writing

My number one piece of advice for recent college graduates.

A pair of pink bow shorts I’m obsessed with.

Royals who married commoners.

An interview with Eva Longoria about her new series, Decline and Fall.

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