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Anastasia on Broadway Review, Shopping and Reading Recommendations

Ah, weekend! It’s an exciting one for me, as I’m spending it in Charleston with my mom! Since she’s still in Chicago and I’m in New York, we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as I’d like, and rarely on Mother’s Day. So this trip is a special treat. Sadly, it’s forecasted to rain nearly all of our first day here, but hopefully it won’t pour constantly! And at least Sunday and Monday look like they’ll be sunny and beautiful.

The other downer of my week was that I had ordered two packages in preparation for my trip to Charleston last week. In them were these cute shorts from J.Crew, and from ASOS, this dress, this dress and these sandals. Though both were more general summer purchases, I was so excited to bring them to Charleston. And neither arrived by the day I was leaving. Getting packages in NYC is a struggle (unless you have a doorman, which I don’t), but you can usually count on them not to come three days late! Ah well.

This week wasn’t all bad, though. If you follow along on Insta Stories, you’ll know that on Wednesday, I saw Anastasia on Broadway. Was anyone else obsessed with that movie as a kid? I was literally obsessed. Still kind of am, to be honest! I love the music and it was so amazing to see the songs I’ve literally had memorized since I was five performed on stage. The show is a little different than the movie. There’s no Rasputin (or Bartok!), and instead the villain is a Soviet officer. However, he’s played by Ramin Karimloo, one of my favorite musical theater performers. I’ve seen him in a few other shows, and I’m a HUGE fan. He has the most incredible voice. If you ever have the chance to see a show with him in it, DO IT.

Not much else to report on from this past week — went to a fun Tim Hortons event on Tuesday morning and ate my body weight in donuts, had dinner with a friend from high school where we ate lots of chips and guac on Thursday.

What I’m Reading

I love this article on being alone — in the sense of doing solitary activities and being okay with it.

An awesome campaign from HarperCollins: Authors talking about why they read, write, and the books they love.

What happens when your honeymoon is horrible.

Dying to try Glossier sunscreen!

Celebrities, please be more adventurous with your shoe choices on the red carpet.

I’ve been reading Blair’s blog forever (at least six years) and this piece about her engagement is a sweet look at her life.

Love theses nude travel picks from Lauryn.

Agree with everything Katie wrote here. An amazing post for new college graduates!

Katie’s recap of her Friday in NYC is too funny — and I need to try this Tex-Mex place!

I really want to try these lip oils from Jess’s post.

Julia looks gorgeous — I’m so excited to see Charleston in bloom!

What I’m Shopping

Can’t wait to finally get these adorable shorts in the mail next week.

I got these tassel earrings in the mail and I’m obsessed. Look out for them on my Instagram!

These are the pom-pom sandals of my dreams!

The perfect shirt dress for summer. Such a staple.

Forever 21 has some super cute summer dresses, like this one, on sale right now.

What I’m Writing

What I learned at the Create + Cultivate conference.

My favorite jean jacket (I’m wearing it as I typed this post!) and striped shirt. In fact, this whole look is kind of a uniform. I’m wearing the same jeans + sneaks right now, too!

Chatting with Candace Cameron Bure about her new style book.

The most dramatic moments in political history.

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