The Jean Jacket I’ve Wanted for Years + My Absolute Favorite Striped Shirt

Everlane Heavyweight Tee, Levi's Trucker Jean Jacket // Pearl Girl

Levi’s Jean Jacket //
Everlane Striped Long-Sleeve Tee //
Old Navy White Jeans //
Kate Spade Bag
 (Linked bag is same style, this one is the same color, similar style.) //
J.Crew Silk Scarf //
Adidas Stan Smiths //

Can you tell that I’m dealing with some serious wind in these photos? Natalie shot them for me while we were in Brooklyn a few weeks ago checking out the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The wind was blowing and in half of these photos, either my scarf is about to fall off or my jacket is wide open. Luckily, we took enough that I was able to make it work for a post.

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I spend Saturday at the Create + Cultivate conference. It was an amazing day, but a long one (over 12 hours!), so when Sunday rolled around, I was so exhausted. I stayed in bed way too late and only left the apartment twice: First, to go uptown to go feed Natalie‘s cat, Grace Kelly, as she was out of town for the weekend (Natalie, not the cat), and then to dinner at Bareburger right near my apartment.

My roommate and I also started The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s very well done, but I don’t know if I can stomach anymore. The plot is so terrifying and watching it genuinely made me feel nauseous. Not exactly a glowing review, but if you are stronger than me, it’s worth a watch! I’ll try power through the next few episodes, but I think I need a break before I can do so.

This jean jacket is one of those purchases I contemplated for way, way too long before taking the plunge. Don’t ask me why. It’s not expensive (less than $100). I knew I’d wear it all the time. I have another jean jacket that’s very fitted and in a lighter wash, and I wear it constantly. But I’ve long loved the oversized, borrowed-from-the-boys look, especially from Levi’s, which is such a classic denim brand. When I had a gift card to Bloomingdale’s and couldn’t find a big ticket item I wanted to spend it on, I went for it. Y’allllll. So glad I did. I’ve already worn it quite a bit, and I know I’ll be wearing it constantly this summer. It’s definitely a more grown-up look than my fitted one from college.

I also fancy myself something of a striped shirt expert, and this one is my favorite. And I have like, 1000 of them, so that’s saying something. The best thing about it is how thick it is. The fabric is super heavy, and it feels like it’s prime for a day on a sailboat. I adore Saint James shirts, and this one feels just like their thicker versions, but with a much lower price tag. Seriously, Everlane is just the best!

What purchase have you waited way too long to get your hands on? I’m kicking myself for not getting this jacket sooner!

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