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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale What to Buy

Yay, Saturday! To be honest I didn’t have the best week, for a variety of reasons, so I’m so happy to have a couple of days to recoup + relax. The highlights were seeing a friend from out of town on Friday + having one too many strawberry margaritas on a rooftop. I also caught up with friends over pizza at Rubirosa on Wednesday. If you’re in NYC and you’ve never been, you need to go. We had the tie-dye pizza and ravioli, and yum, yum, yum, it is so good!

My dad’s in town this weekend, which will be especially nice after a not-so-great week! We don’t have a ton of plans other than checking out a few museums around the city and seeing 1984 tonight. And yup, that’s the play that’s been making people throw up. Is it weird that hearing that made me more excited to see it? Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you’re up to!

What I’m Reading

Could you stop wearing mascara for a month? I don’t think I could. It’s my #1 beauty product (my lashes are so blonde!)

Katie’s Palm Beach recap has me dying to plan a trip to Florida!

How has “southern fashion” gotten so trendy?

The mystique of the “magic dress.”

Gucci is launching a home decor line that I of course, can’t afford, but want anyways.

The best salt sprays for beachy waves.

Would you ever do a surprise wedding?

Carly’s Nantucket post has me wanting to head back ASAP!

And I adore this dress Kate is wearing on Nantucket!

Love Sydney’s picks for the best natural lip balms.

Woven bags are all the rage this summer — love Jessica’s picks!

Molly wrote a great post about advice for your first job. Recent grads, read!

What I’m Shopping

This shearling collar coat looks so cozy for fall and winter!

An amazing dupe for the Cult Gaia ark bag! And it’s only $75!

I love this simple blue shift.

Every blogger waxes poetic about these bras — I need to try one for myself! They’re on major sale.

These pants like so cozy for the gym or travel!

What I’m Writing

My top twenty picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nine trendy picks from SheIn.

My last outfit from Nantucket!

All the famous ladies who played Jane Austen heroines.

Catch up on the royal visit to Poland and Germany!

Big moments for women on TV.

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Nantucket Massachusetts Travel Guide

Nantucket Massachusetts Travel Guide

Did you catch my first half of my Nantucket recap?

I don’t think I’ve ever posted on a Sunday before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? I’ve had the best week at home in Chicago, catching up with friends and family (and on sleep!) I love my life in New York, but there’s really nothing like coming home and spending a few days in Chicago. I’m so lucky to still be close with my group of friends from high school, so seeing them is always so much fun. And since I w as able to take the bulk of this week off of work, I’ve been able to see them a ton. It is also just so much easier to get into Chicago from the suburbs than it is to get into New York from the surrounding suburbs there. The train is fast, and if traffic isn’t bad, you can be downtown in 30 minutes. I feel like I’ve been back and forth to the city every day I’ve been here. I’ll have a full recap of my trip home up next week, so stay tuned for more details and photos!

Today will be a little quieter — just spending the day at home in the ‘burbs with my family and going to SoulCycle with my mom in the morning. It’s been a busy few days and is coming to end tomorrow night — I fly back to NYC on Monday! Luckily, there’s still more to look forward to this summer: Out of town visitors and beach weekends, to name a few! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy the links below!

What I’m Reading

If you can’t tell, I’m Nantucket obsessed. Loved Krista’s list of things to do on the island — I cosign all of them!

Loved Lauryn’s post on how to channel confidence.

Jess’s post on a shift in perspective is amazing! Such a great read for anyone going through a change.

And another post from Jess: Rosé popsicles!

Are stereotypes about working in the fashion industry (a la Devil Wears Prada) true? (From my own perspective, most people I’ve worked with in fashion are very nice!)

Bloggers (or aspiring photographers!), Dana’s post on photography is a must-read.

I loved following along with Bridget’s Geneva journey, and I really enjoyed this post on what she will/won’t miss about Europe!

Grace’s apartment is SO chic. You must check it out in her updated post.

Anddd I loved Grace’s London travel diary. London is my favorite place in the world!

Could you leave your phone at home all weekend?

Congrats to Mollie on the rebranding of her site!

What I’m Shopping

Amazon Prime day is Tuesday — don’t forget to shop!

Anddd the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts next week, too!

Finally picked up the Rosebud Salve lip balm, and yep, I love it!

I’ve featured this denim jacket on the blog a zillion times, because I’m so obsessed!

I’ve been wearing these old sunglasses constantly. Such a classic style + a great investment.

What I’m Writing

The first half of my Nantucket recap! Take me back to that perfect island.

A seersucker romper on Nantucket.

How to make your apartment feel like a home.

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A 20-Something’s Guide to Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home

How to make your apartment feel like home // Pearl Girl

How to make your apartment feel like home // Pearl Girl

Some personal news? Or rather, non news: I’m not moving! My roommates and I just resigned our lease for a fourth year, which is relatively rare for a group of recent graduates in NYC.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my apartment. It’s my first-ever place of my own — in college, I lived in the dorms and then in my sorority house, and on breaks, I’d either live in NYU dorms or at my mom’s house. It’s in a great location, close to the subway and lots of restaurants (although, too close to a bar that’s practically downstairs!) Our rooms are spacious by NYC standards, and we all have closets. And I get to live here with two of my best friends. It’s just the best.

This will be our last year in this apartment, which is bittersweet, as it’s really become home to me over the past three years. (Of course, I’ll also be excited to eventually decorate another space + explore another neighborhood in the city.) But over the past three years I feel like I’ve learned a thing or two about making your space feel like home, which I’m sharing below!

How to make your apartment feel like home // Pearl Girl

Frame your prints.

This isn’t college anymore — no posters here! A grown-up apartment has framed painting and prints. Adding them to your space goes a long way in making your apartment feel less like your college dorm room and more like your parents’s house (in a good, adult way!)

Buy a headboard.

Same thing here — you’re not in college anymore. I’m not even saying you need to buy a full-on bed (I’m talking more than a wire frame), because those can get pricey. But a headboard does a lot to tie a room together, and is a much more cost-effective option than buying an entire bed. Mine is from Target, comes in a bunch of different colors and is currently on sale!

To that point, don’t buy the cheapest one you see just to save a buck. My first headboard was $90, and I literally bought it because it was white, simple, and inexpensive. It ended being too big for my bed (another tip — full/queen means queen, not either or), and really, I just wish I went with something a tiny bit pricier (my new one cost is $230) that was what I really wanted. Obviously, everyone has financial constraints, but sometimes, it’s worth it to pay a tiny bit more to get what you really want.

And a rug.

Oftentimes you’re required to do this by your landlord to protect the floors, but I think a rug does a lot to pull a room together when there’s a fair amount of floor space. It’s also nice in the morning during the winter when the floor gets cold.

Hide the clutter.

I have an Ikea Expedit across from my bed, which is a great piece to hold a lot of stuff and display it in a pretty way. The bottom row of boxes has always been a place where I put all my junk: Papers, receipts, bills, beauty products, all of that stuff. It took me two years (I know, I know) to buy bins to put all that stuff in. They’re cheap and they disguise the mess. A must-have.

How to make your apartment feel like home // Pearl Girl

Paint your furniture.

This is definitely an undertaking, but one that has great payoff! If you’re willing to buy a piece of furniture in a color that doesn’t thrill you and paint it the color you like instead, you can save money and get the ~vision~ you’re looking for. I’ve painted parts of my bookshelf (the back) and nightstand (the top) lavender. I think it gives these otherwise basic pieces a unique touch.

Don’t buy all your furniture from Ikea.

It’s so tempting, as Ikea has great prices and simple, clean design. But do you really want people to walk into your apartment and recognize every piece in there from their own trip to Ikea? (Don’t get me wrong, my apartment is probably 50% Ikea furniture, it’s great stuff!) There are a lot of other places where you can affordable, basic pieces for a starter apartment. My dresser is from Wayfair, which has a ton of options all sorts of price points, Amazon, of course, has a lot, too. Sites like Joss & Main have flash sales with good deals, too.

How to make your apartment feel like home // Pearl Girl

Add in personal mementos and photographs.

The key to making a place your own? Making sure your personality shines through. As you probably know, I’m obsessed with all things British. And if you didn’t know, you’d definitely realize after walking into my room. Framing personal photos, finding prints or posters that you really love (and framing them!) is such an easy way to add personality to a room. The print above my bed is actually a tea towel from a British-themed shop in the West Village. I loved the illustration, so I took it to a framing shop to get it finished. It was an investment (about $100.) But in the end, it was worth it to have a piece I truly loved up in my room. I’ve also always thought digital photo frames, like these ones from Aura Frames, are an easy way to display a number of photos in a compact space, too!


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Reading and Shopping Recommendations, Philadelphia Photos
A snap from my day in Philly last week.

Hi friends, how was your week? Mine was just the right amount of busy. I went to a really fun event at Murray’s Cheese in the West Village on Tuesday, where I made a mozzarella ball (it was so good — made a grilled cheese with it on Thursday!) and ate a lot of cheese. Highly recommend the cheese-making classes there if you’re a cheese fan (and I mean, who isn’t?) Wednesday I caught up with friends over dinner at Salvation Burger in their courtyard. It’s a cute outdoor space that isn’t on the street, if you’re into that! Thursday was a birthday celebration and my first kickball game of the season! I did a league last summer with some friends and most of our team is back this year.

I was honestly pretty tired by Friday, so Natalie and I just went to the movies and saw The Beguiled, the new Sofia Coppola movie. I had a few issues with it, but liked it overall if you’re thinking about seeing it yourself!

Nothing huge on the agenda this weekend — excited I’m staying in the city for a full weekend, because next week is back to travel! I leave on Sunday for eight full days in Chicago and I couldn’t be more excited.

Hope you have a lovely one, whatever you have planned!

What I’m Reading

Would die to buy something from Audrey Hepburn’s personal collection. The auction is at Christie’s!

Yum, yum, boozy lemonade recipes. (Has anyone else had Fishers Island Lemonade? My fave!)

Mackenzie’s family’s Nantucket story is incredible. How cool to have a place that means so much to your family!

A lament at the non-evolution of women’s clothes. 

Hallie’s weight loss story is relatable and inspiring.

Meal prep tips that don’t involve making everything on Sunday (which is totally what I do!)

Tons of Fourth of July outfit suggestions from Carly.

Love Jessica’s Paris Guide. One of my favorite cities!

What I’m Shopping

Does anyone have any affordable monitor recommendations? I think I’m going to buy one!

This white off-the-shoulder linen dress looks so easy and comfy for summer.

Everlane has been killing it lately. Love this mismatched stripe dress (it’s $35!)

Love this eyelet maxi.

I think I included these sandals last week, but I’m doing it again, because you need them!

These slides are so cute, too!

What I’m Writing

A recap of my trip to Charleston with lots of photos.

A new outfit at Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

The weirdest hats at Royal Ascot.

A chat with Amanda Stanton of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Sconset Bluff Walk, Reading and Shopping Picks // Pearl Girl

Sorry guys, I was a bad blogger this week. Blame it on the post-Nantucket rut and a week of busy plans. Wednesday night I went to Citi Field for the Cubs/Mets game, which started off great but went downhill fast. They ended up losing badly, after the Mets scored a bunch of runs in the eighth inning. It was sad. (My mom texted me later that if she had been there, she would have cried. I didn’t get that far, but it was a depressing end to the evening.) And it was especially sad because the day before they beat the Mets and hit a grand slam. Ugh, I couldn’t have known, but I wish my subconscious had planned better. Don’t you hate it when things like that happen?

Thursday I caught up with friends over dinner and meant to have a post up, but it’s my Charleston recap and it took longer than expecting to finish. (It’ll be up first thing next week!) And then Friday, I had no plans, so I treated myself to (balcony! — AKA cheap) tickets to Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. It’s an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic I’d never seen, and Glenn Close played the main character, so it was especially cool to see her live. I’d say go see it, but unless you’re in NYC in the next week, you’ll miss it! The show closes before the end of the month.

Looking forward to a low-key Saturday before I head to Philadelphia for the day tomorrow (my first time!) to visit a friend from college. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

What I’m Reading

Loved Carly’s tips on going with the flow when you’re Type A. (I usually call my self a control freak, haha.)

Brooke always does the most beautiful parties. Check out her gorgeous graduation setup!

Mackenzie’s wedding invitations are gorgeous. Is it weird that I’m excited to see photos of her Nantucket nuptials?

This article about uber-expensive weddings for the .01% is so interesting.

Goop shares 10 investment pieces you’ll have forever. A fun dream read!

The history of the best sandwich ever — the lobster roll.

I forget if I already shared this article about the transformation of Bleecker Street over the years. If not, it’s a fascinating read!

Courtney’s clutch is too cute, and I think I need her Pizza Queen t-shirt.

Sydney’s organization hacks for small closets are a must-read for any New Yorker!

What I’m Shopping

I really, really want these relaxed summer pants.

I’m dying to try Glossier Birthday BalmDotCom!

I picked up TWO pairs of Margaux flats this week (one was on major sale.) They’re incredible.

Everlane just restocked these gorgeous sandals!

Love this straw bag, and it’s a great price.

What I’m Writing

18 women in Congress making a difference on Capitol Hill.

Prince Harry and puppies.

My favorite romper for summer.

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