Blue Tiered Floral Dress + Black Over-the-Knee Boots

SHEIN Frill Detail Bishop Sleeve Tiered Botanical Dress - Pearl Girl

Floral Tiered Dress //
Leather Over-the-Knee Boots //
Sunglasses // Sold out, similar linked
Pearl Earrings // I got mine in Hoi An, Vietnam, but a very similar pair are linked!

How was your weekend? Mine was relatively low-key — had an amazing dinner at STK in Meatpacking on Saturday night, went for a walk in Central Park and snapped some photos, and caught up with a couple of friends from high school over tacos and margaritas on Friday. (We went to Tacombi for tacos, and then Panchito’s — which was one of my favorite spots back during my first summer in NYC in 2012). It’s nice for life to be a little more relaxed, however, after the craziness that was the last three months of 2017! I didn’t have a big overarching post in mind for this week, so I thought I’d just share three things I’ve been thinking about.

I got Amazon Prime.

You guys, I may be the last person in America to say this, but I just got Amazon Prime! Why did I hold off for so long? Well, I honestly don’t order from Amazon that much. If I lived in a building with a doorman or in the suburbs, maybe I’d use it to buy essentials like toilet paper and dish soap. But I don’t, and getting packages can be a serious pain for me. But I’ve been meaning to back all my photos (which go back to about 2004, when I got my first digital camera!) for a while now, and an Amazon Prime membership comes with unlimited photo storage, versus getting 1 TB of storage for $60 a year. I figured with a prime membership, I’ll get unlimited storage plus free two-day shipping, so it can’t hurt.

I also, of course, placed an order during my free trial and picked up a new steamer (mine was spurting out water and would stop for a minute after every minute of steaming), filters for my camera and a microneedling tool (I’ve always wanted to try one, stay tuned for a review on how that works!)

This dress!

I couldn’t make it through this post without, naturally, talking about this dress! It’s from SheIn, which is a one-stop-shop for fun dresses, tops and more. What I love about SheIn is that everything is so affordable that you don’t need to feel guilty about spending a lot of money on something that’s super trendy. I know there can be some questions about quality, but I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve ever ordered from there. This dress is lined and I love the ruffle detail.

Bringing back the curls.

If you caught my Instagram story from Saturday night, you’ll know I was reminiscing about my curly hair. You wouldn’t know it from the majority of the photos I post on my blog, but I naturally have very curly hair. At least, I did. It can range from wavy to curly, and I was never quite sure the way it would look when I’d wake up or after I let it air dry. So around the time I graduated from college (ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO!) I started blowdrying it, usually with a round brush but it still ended up pretty straight. Honestly, this is much more predictable and easier to manage. But when I was looking back on some of my photos from college I started wondering why I left the curls behind? (They can be very frizzy, another photo reminded me!) But I think I need to try the curls out again for a bit. Or at the very least, see if my hair can still retain a natural curl the way it used to. Isn’t your hair texture supposed to change every seven years? Have I beat it into submission? Stay tuned!

Hope you have a very happy Monday and a lovely week, friends!

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Fair Isle Sweater + Levi’s 505 C Jeans

J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater, Levi's 505 C Jeans - Pearl Girl

J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater, Levi's 505 C Jeans - Pearl Girl

J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater // On sale now!
Levi’s Jeans //
Margaux Navy Ballet Flats // Seriously the best ballet flats. Gorgeous leather, come in a ton of colors, and the bow is adjustable to help with fit. (Great for people with narrow feet like me!)
Mansur Gavriel Bag // Read my full review of this bag here.
Ray-Ban Sunglasses // I’ve had mine for over five years and they’re still my go-to sunglasses.
Pearl Studs // I picked mine up in Vietnam (for $6!!!) but luckily you can find studs like these anywhere.

It’s an exciting day, you guys — these are the first outfit photos taken on my new camera! There are a few downsides of this camera compared to my previous one, mostly that there’s a bit more processing time for images and the battery goes a lot faster. (My old one had an insane battery.) But from my research these are just the sort of thing that happen with a mirrorless camera versus a DSLR.

The image quality, however, is incomparable. I cannot wait to take this camera on my next trip — which I booked this week! Flights to Savannah, Georgia were insanely cheap ($116!) so Natalie and I decided to make a long weekend of it in early February. If you have any Savannah recommendations, please leave them below. I’m so excited for a little warm weather and exploring a beautiful city.

Something else you’ve likely noticed in these photos — I dyed my hair! I usually get highlights about once a year but I don’t feel like they’ve ever turned out quite this blonde before. I’m actually a little nervous that now the difference between this and my natural hair will be very pronounced. I was really into my once-a-year highlights routine (as was my wallet) so I’m hoping this doesn’t mess with that. However, I am into the blonder look, so all good for now.

Okay, onto the outfit: I’m seriously obsessed with this sweater. Somehow I didn’t have anything fair isle in my wardrobe (how!?) so I scooped up this sweater on sale from J.Crew a few months ago. It’s seriously so cozy and I love the pattern. And considering the crazy cold pretty much the entire northern United States has been facing over the past few weeks, turtlenecks have been on constant rotation in my wardrobe. (They keep your neck so warm!)

Over the past year or so, I’ve really fallen in love with Levi’s jeans. The quality is amazing — really thick, real denim. It all started with the Wedgie Icon Jeans, then a pair of 501 jeans, and finally this pair of 505 C jeans. These honestly might be my favorite ones yet! I love the color and how it adds a contrast when you wear them with navy, versus how a darker wash all sort of blends together. One thing I will say: All their jeans run really small. I always size up one size and most of my friends who have Levi’s jeans have said the same thing.

Hope you have a lovely Monday, friends!

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Cable Knit Sweater, Corduroy Skirt + Barbour Beadnell

Cable Knit Sweater // I wanted a way oversized look, so I sized up to an extra large. The large just wasn’t oversized enough for my taste! It’s on sale for under $30 now, too!
Corduroy Skirt // The one I have is almost sold out, but this one is identical!
Barbour Beadnell // My favorite fall jacket! You can also buy a liner to wear it into the cooler months. Size up one size. (Also available at Bloomingdale’s.)
Earrings // Old from C.Wonder (RIP!) but very similar ones can be found here.
Loafers // Very similar can be found here. These are old, I swiped them from my mom’s closet!

Happy New Year!!! I’m excited for a new year and everything that comes with it. (Including, for the foreseeable future, no travel plans and a moment to catch my breath at home!)

Confession: I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for, well, weeks. But as you likely know, I haven’t had much of a moment to sit still, let alone crank out a blog post over the past month or so. As such, this outfit is probably better suited for fall than winter — though I think if you paired it with nude tights, a Kate Middleton favorite, you’d be just fine! And to be honest, I love love love this outfit, so I don’t really care if it’s not entirely seasonally appropriate. (Winter clothing is kind of boring anyways. A lot of sweaters, jeans and boots, right?)

One of my biggest life updates — as it relates to this little corner of the internet — is that I bought a new camera!  I’ve had the same DSLR camera since I graduated high school, which was all the way back in 2010. And since I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 8 Plus I’ve found myself wondering — is my phone’s camera better than my SLR? Cameras have advanced so much in the past seven or so years. And the thought of a new camera started to creep into my head. Like I said, I’ve had my camera for almost eight years. It’s been with me to 24 countries (!!!). It’s been so good to me, but it feels like time to retire it.

As such, my hunt for a new camera began a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to make the switch from DSLR to Mirrorless. From what I’ve read, the image quality is just as good, but the camera is smaller and much easier to carry around. (A godsend, because a DSLR can really be a pain to lug around, especially while traveling or walking around the city.)

After a lot of debating, I had landed on a few options. One of these three Sony cameras: This one, this one, or this one or this Fujifilm one. The Fuji one and cheaper Sony ones are less expensive, but they don’t come with built-in image stabilization. And for Fuji, the type of lens I want, a prime lens, doesn’t have it either. So that knocked that one out of the running. (Despite the fact that I adore the way it looks, haha!) Comparing the Sony options, it seemed that the main difference between the a6000 and the a6300 was for video users, something I barely use (my current camera can’t even take videos!) so it didn’t seem worth it to spend the extra $300 on it. And I just couldn’t stomach the $1,000+ cost of the a6500, especially as that didn’t even include lenses.

So eventually, I went with the a6000! With a new camera also comes a new lens: I bought a 35mm lens, which will be great for blog and travel photos! (I may purchase another one later — stay tuned!) I can’t wait to play around with a new camera, especially one that’s more lightweight. I plan on taking it with me for days out in NYC, and will definitely be doing some more NYC-centric content in 2018.

And one more thing, non-camera related: Season two of The Crown! If you know anything about me, you know that I’m not-so-low-key obsessed with the British royal family. So imagine my delight when Netflix decided to create a show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Though I already know a lot of what happens, there’s a lot of new information in the show, too. (I didn’t know a ton about Princess Margaret before now, which is a shame because she’s glam AF in the show!) I absolutely can’t wait for the third season, when we’ll start to get into the Charles and Camilla romance — and perhaps catch a glimpse of Diana, too!

If you haven’t watched yet, I highly recommend it. A great show whether you’re a royal fan or not!

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Black Sweater, Mules and Step Hem Jeans: A Simple, Easy Outfit for Fall

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Black V-Neck Sweater // This one is a very similar look, too!
Step Hem Jeans
Black Mules
Bag // It’s vintage Hermes, and was the find of a lifetime at a What Goes Around Comes Around sample sale last year. This bag has a similar style, though!

Oh, Monday! It’s my first one back at work in two weeks, so it’s likely to feel even more Monday-ish than normal. This weekend was non-stop, too. I had a friend from college visiting, so a group of us went on a long walk through Central Park on Saturday before getting dinner at Pig and Khao on the Lower East Side. It was such a tasty spot, highly recommend ordering the pork belly and the grilled pork jowl (with the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had.)

Sunday was the New York City Marathon, which I’ve honestly never really paid a huge amount of attention to. This year was very different, as my roommate was running! It was pretty amazing to see so many people achieve this incredible physical feat (especially one of my best friends!) and the city really felt alive while we were watching. I can’t say I’d ever do it myself — read: I’d literally never do that myself — but I understand why people are drawn to the sport. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards must be unreal.

Onto the outfit. This is sort of my “fall uniform,” and it’s (obviously) very easy to recreate: Jeans, sweater, some sort of loafer, and a black bag. I usually don’t wear too much black in the summer, as the warm weather just has me reaching for brighter hues. (Besides, doesn’t wearing black in the sun just make you hotter?) But once October rolls around, I’m all for it. I picked up this sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer, and I love how lightweight it is. My other two black sweaters are on the thicker side, so it’s nice to wear something that’s not quite so bulky but still feels seasonably-appropriate. (And is warm!)

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Like every other fashion-loving, somewhat basic girl out there, I’ve been coveting a pair of Gucci mules slash loafers for quite some time now. While my current financial status couldn’t justify the $500+ price tag, these Target dupes were much easier to swallow. Like, way easier: They’re less than $25. They also come in silver, so if you’re really feeling the style, why not pick up both? I mean, THEY’RE $23.

I’ve also recently hopped on board the step hem jeans trend. And this pair, I’ve been wearing non-stop since it became pants-appropriate weather (and even a little before!) I am a skinny jean loyalist through and through, and truly believe now that we’ve discovered them they’ll never really go out of style. Butttt it’s fun to mix up such a (now) classic look with new trends. After all, I’ve been wearing dark skinnies since high school, so anything that’s a bit different from the standard look is worth embracing, right? Well, not anything — I’m not about to wear acid wash skinny jeans — but you get what I’m saying. This pair is a tiny bit big in the waist, so I always wear them with my favorite belt. I got a small, originally intending to wear it around my waist a dress, but I like how it doesn’t loop too far around my body (if that makes sense?) when I wear it with pants.

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How Do You Dress for Fall When it’s 80 Degrees Out?

Velvet Bell Sleeve Top // I got mine in Spain last winter. But the one linked is very similar, and this one has long sleeves!
Black Button Skirt // Now sold out in black, but available in this blue color. This skirt is similar.
Gold Disc Earrings // On sale for under $15!
Black Heels //

You guys. This weather.

It’s mid-October. There should be a chill in the air and said air should feel crisp. But instead, it’s been crazy humid with temperatures barely dipping below 70. And that’s on a good day. Usually, we’re hovering around the mid-70s.

Granted, I spend most of my days in an air-conditioned office, but in the brief time I spend outside, it’s muggy, it’s warm and it sure doesn’t feel like October. But when it actually is October, you want to wear sweaters, jeans, boots and autumn colors. What’s a girl to do?

Therein this conundrum lies my fall wardrobe mantra: Summer cuts, fall colors. Keep the skirts, the light fabrics and the short sleeves, but break out the darker colors — burnt orange, burgundy,  This is the time of year to wear fall skirts with bare legs, button downs in darker hues, and way more black than you’d wear at the height of July. (Seriously, I rarely wear black in the summer, and it’s nice to break it out once the fall months roll around again.)

I’m also a big fan of lightweight sweaters like the J.Crew Tippi, which won’t leave you sweating up a storm after walking outside for five minutes. I’m also recently obsessed with Loft’s skirt section. They have so many cute styles, like this leather one, and they’re literally always on sale.

A few other fall obsessions? The Everlane Day Heels, which are so comfortable — for heels. They don’t rival flats. (I wore them to an event where I had to stand for three hours and it was painful.) But they are comfortable for heels, and I say this as someone who is admittedly really bad with heels.

I’m also loving these gold disc earrings, which are simple but still make a statement. I’m a fan of gold jewelry all year long, but I feel like it’s especially appropriate in the fall.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday. The high is only 66 today, which means I can break out an actual coat. Something to celebrate, right?


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