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Reading and shopping recommendations including Pietro Nolita // Pearl Girl

This was a great week. Or rather, it had one really amazing day! One of my best friends from high school was visiting New York on business on Wednesday, so we had dinner (with another one of our friends from high school!) and caught up. She lives in Boston, so I don’t get to see her too often, and it was so nice to have dinner, get bubble tea, go for a walk (we made the night last!) It was also the night of the Syracuse/Duke game, one of the biggest nights of the year for Syracuse basketball. I made my friends go to a restaurant where we could watch the game, and I’m so glad I did. It was amazing: The lead kept changing, and then Syracuse won RIGHT at the buzzer with a 3-point shot. I screamed in the restaurant (and keep in mind, this wasn’t a Syracuse bar, ha!) One of those games that makes you wish you were back in college. I can only imagine how fun it was on campus!

On Thursday Natalie and I did a little shopping and got drinks at Le District. If you’re ever in Lower Manhattan, it’s definitely worth a visit: It’s like Eataly but French-themed. We had the most amazing burrata.

This weekend is packed: Brunch, birthdays, catching up with old friends, more Syracuse basketball and then the Oscars. I love awards season so I always enjoy watching the show (even though I’ll be working!) Have a happy weekend!

What I’m Reading

This week was the 10th anniversary of the series finale of The OC, one of my all-time favorites. This post has so much good dish on the show!

Loved Emily’s travel guide for 48 hours in Miami!

And I loved this dress Natalie wore in Miami!

Blair shared some amazing, helpful anti-aging beauty tips.

Loved this scallop suit set on Carly!

Jackie wrote a really transparent post on how to earn money from blogging that’s a must-read.

I love Salzburg and Rosie’s blog, so I obviously loved her recap of her time there.

Kelly’s cute post with her family on the lake makes me miss Chicago!

Scottish Twitter had me cracking up at my desk.

This Syracuse win is even better with Titanic!

Who do you think will win big at the Oscars this weekend?

What I’m Shopping

These sneakers came in the mail this week! I’m actually in love — and there’s still a few sizes left!

I don’t need another Barbour, but this one is such a good deal!

Need this striped off-the-shoulder top!

A cute and chic wrap tee for $21.

I might need this sweater jacket.

What I’m Writing

All the blue and white items I’m craving right now in the latest edition of Finding Gems.

The best books I’ve read throughout fall and early winter.

My favorite pair of plaid pants.

How to copy Meghan Markle (Prince Harry’s girlfriend!)’s style.

The designer behind Princess Kate’s engagement dress says the royal connection killed her brand.

White House couples who have been portrayed on screen.

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Finding Gems No. 7

Blue and white shopping ideas and outfit recommendations from Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and more // Pearl Girl


ONE Gingham Shift Dress // TWO Navy Lace Cami // THREE Cotton Baseball Cap

FOUR Baby Blue Crossbody // FIVE Cold Shoulder Sweater // SIX Lilly Pulitzer Chinos

SEVEN Knotted Long-Sleeve Top // EIGHT Mini Tassel Drop Earrings

NINE Striped Skinny Scarf // TEN Baby Blue Sunglasses // ELEVEN Stripe One Shoulder Dress

TWELVE Kate Spade Blue Satchel Bag // THIRTEEN Striped Button-Down

The weather in NYC was absolutely amazing over the weekend. I’m talking sunny, mid-60’s, light jackets, exposed ankles, all of it! Though I know in my hearts of hearts that winter isn’t over yet (I’m not that lucky, HA!) but it definitely got me craving spring like crazy. And with spring (and summer!) comes outfits covered in white and blue, one of my favorite color combinations.

I spent three hours this weekend at Bloomingdale’s, figuring out how to spend a gift card my mom gave me. I know — I can’t make decisions — I ended up getting these earrings, these sunglasses and this shirt. While I was there, I totally fell in love with all the sweet summer selections, a few of which I included here. So many stripes, ruffles, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes. Swoon. 

This cold-shoulder sweater is the perfect transition piece and this dress would be perfect for a night out or brunch come summer (or even a casual wedding!) Also, I had no idea that Lilly Pulitzer made pants like these. I love patterned pants (clearly), so I think I need a pair of these! And I don’t need this bag, but I want it. Really, really want it. 😉



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Book Club No. 2

February Book List Robert Wright New York Times

It’s been a few months since I did a reading update around here, and I’ve read a bunch of great books since then. I believe this is everything I’ve read since last October or so, but I may be forgetting one or two. I usually average a book every two weeks, less if it’s really good! Pretty much everything I’ve read lately I’ve enjoyed (I do tend to abandon books if I really can’t get into them.) I’ll try to do a reading recap every month or two going forward — I love sharing what I read, but also getting book recommendations! So please, please, tell me if they’re something you’ve loved! Next on my list is The Commoner, by John Burnham Schwartz, and then All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.

The Assistants by Camille Perri // This one was good. Like, I read it all in two days and didn’t go to bed until 2 a.m. because I had to finish good. The story follows a girl named Tina, who is the assistant of a Rupert Murdoch-esque mogul. She and a co-worker start an embezzlement scheme through their company’s expense system to pay off their student loans. The book is clearly a little far-fetched. I especially thought that Tina’s position was unrealistic: She’s supposed to be the assistant to the CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations, has been there for years, and has never gotten a raise? That just wouldn’t happen! But if you can deal with a bit of detached reality, it’s worth the read, as it’s an interesting look at the culture of income inequality and student loans.

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (And Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham // I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan, so I knew I wanted to Lauren Graham’s new memoir. I had to wait a couple months to get it from the library, but read it in about a week once I did. I wanted to like this one, I did, but it just fell short. Her writing style is just a little much, like she’s trying too hard to be cute and funny and quirky, if that makes sense. The best part was reading about the Gilmore Girls revival, and getting her behind-the-scenes take on it. If you’re fan of the show, it’s worth a read, but otherwise, I’d skip it.

Small Admissions by Amy Poeppel // This book is about a recent college graduate, who, after a bad breakup, gets a job in admissions at a prestige NYC private school. The story half focuses on her life (and the life of her friends and sister), and half on the admissions process and a small group of applicants that the main character interviews. I honestly would have preferred more focus on the admissions side of things (I didn’t care that much about the fallout from this girl’s breakup) but I still really liked this one.

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham // Like I said, I love Gilmore Girls, so I thought I’d try Lauren Graham’s novel, too. It’s about Franny, an early-20s actress living in New York in the ’90s, trying to break into the business. In her memoir, Lauren says it’s not autobiographical, but there definitely seems to be pieces of her in the story. It’s a good, light read, and makes me so happy I abandoned my high school dreams of majoring in theater and trying to make it as an actress. That kind of instability seems so stressful!

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner // I love following Jennifer Weiner on Twitter (especially during The Bachelor) so I figured I’d love her writing, too. It was a good assumption: I do! I read Good In Bed last year, and Certain Girls is the follow-up. The story is told through the perspectives of Cannie, the main character from Good In Bed, and her daughter, Joy. Despite being older than Joy and younger than Cannie, I really felt like I understood these characters and sympathized with them during the ups and downs of life. The book takes a really sad turn towards the end, which I honestly could have done without, but all in all I’d recommend it.

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty // Like I said last time, I adored Big Little Lies and hoped that I enjoy more Liane Moriarty’s books just as much. Sadly, Truly Madly Guilty didn’t live up to the bar that Big Little Lies set. All of Moriarty’s books have a big twist, and this one just wasn’t as compelling as the one in Big Little Lies was. To boot, the characters were kind of irritating and the whole thing moved pretty slowly. Unless you’re a diehard Moriarty fan, skip it and watch the new Big Little Lies miniseries instead.

The Admissions by Meg Mitchell Moore // Not to be confused with Small AdmissionsThe Admissions is about a family of five, whose various lives start to unravel as the eldest daughter, Angela, applies for college with the hopes of going to Harvard. This was well-written, but there were a few ‘huh?’ moments. It’s been a few years since I was applying to college, but I know no one who takes applying to Harvard seriously doesn’t have a safety school (really, this is a conversation that she has with her parents!)  Like The Assistants, if you can put this out of your mind, then you’ll like the book.

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan // I read Crazy Rich Asians a few years ago and loved it — and I loved this one too! It’s not the deepest read, but both are really fun and exposed me to a world that I was pretty unfamiliar with: Ultra, ultra wealthy Asians who fly private planes, buy out Chanel at a moment’s notice, and have intense social hierarchies. Like I said, it’s definitely a light read, but good for a beach vacation or something a bit more relaxed. Read Crazy Rich Asians first, though, as this is the sequel!

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close // This was my most recent read, and one I really enjoyed. It’s about a couple who moves to D.C. after the husband, Matt, gets a job in the Obama administration. They befriend another D.C. transplant couple, and it follows their friendship, life working in the White House, on campaigns, etc. It’s a little slow-moving, and the main character, Beth, is a little passive throughout, which got on my nerves. Regardless, it’s a great read if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about D.C. and the political culture. (Also, it’ll make you never want to run for office! Haha.) I wasn’t sure going into this one, because I read the author’s other book, Girls in White Dresses, and didn’t love it. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you a thing about it, and I have a pretty good memory, so I usually retain pieces of the story. This one was way better!

Photo: Robert Wright/T Magazine


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Turtleneck Sweater + Plaid Pants

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

Turtleneck Sweater (Mine is sold out, but this one is very similar, so is this one!) //
Plaid Pants —  less than $30! //
Pearl Earrings (I want this pair, too!) //
Tassel Loafers (My exact pair are stolen from my mom’s closet, but linked a very similar pair)  //

Happy President’s Day! Petition to make every weekend a three day weekend? Seriously, I just feel so much more relaxed with that extra day tacked on. This weekend (so far) was a fun one. I tried Pietro Nolita, the pink restaurant in NYC that’s been all over your Instagram feed. It’s tiny, but so cute — the napkins say “Pink as Fuck” on them, and the cocktails are delicious! It’s an Italian restaurant, so I ordered pasta. Really good (and not crazy expensive.) We went to Little Cupcake Bakeshop afterwards. I love their strawberry cupcake! On Saturday, we had amazing weather, so I went for a walk with friends and then had dinner at The Smith, started The Night Of, and ordered the Nikes I’d been wanting for weeks when I saw they were (finally!) back in stock!

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

I love buying things on sale, getting a good deal gives me a serious rush. So when J.Crew debuted these plaid pants last fall, I wanted them instantly (though my friend made the good point that they looked just like her uniform pants from elementary school, ha!) But they cost about $150, and I figured they’d go on sale, so I waited. And then they sold out, which rarely happens with J.Crew items. I visited a few stores at home in Chicago (this was over Thanksgiving) and in the city, and they all said the same thing — they were out of stock, and weren’t expected to get more in. Pants devastation (LOL.)

A couple days later, I checked J.Crew Factory’s website, even though I hadn’t seen a dupe for them there before. Low and behold, THERE THEY WERE. I’ve never ordered so fast in my life! (Well, except for tonight, when I bought those Nikes, haha!) One year later, they’re still available — clearly, I’m not the only one who is obsessed — and on an amazing sale too. I think I need the red plaid ones too, right?

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

And these loafers. I’ve worn them before on the blog, and they’re still a go-to shoe of mine. Thanks mom!

How to Wear J.Crew Plaid Pants, Plaid Style Ideas on Pearl Girl fashion blog

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President's Day Weekend Reading List

And Friday. I’m especially excited for this weekend because it’s a three day one! This week was the perfect amount of busy: Had a Galentine’s happy hour with some of my friends, caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in months over mulled wine (YUM.) at The Grey Dog, got a manicure, went to the gym, hung out with my roommates, et cetera. I also made some progress on a new book, The Hopefuls. It’s a great read if you like politics/are curious about an off-duty look at the lives of White House staffers. Looking forward to relaxing, taking in the amazing weather, celebrating a friend’s birthday and maybe seeing a movie (Most likely Fences or Lion) over the long weekend! Have a good one!

What I’m Reading

Loved Courtney’s honest take on NYFW.

A history of Chick Lit. (Which, I’ll admit, is one of my favorite genres!)

Such a gorgeous Valentine’s look on Bridget.

A really interesting read on Tiffany & Co., its history and its modern challenges.

Mackenzie is closing her online boutique. Sad because I love the products, but excited to see where she goes from here!

Have you read this buzzy article about Taylor Swift? Thoughts?

Monica’s post on her visit to Lake Como has me dying to plan a trip.

All the lip colors featured in Fifty Shades Darker. Like the movie or not, the beauty was good!

So excited for Julia’s family on their little girl!

I love Copenhagen + Grace’s guide is amazing and thorough.

What I’m Shopping

I bought these jeans last week. Love them, but they run way small, so I’ll be sizing up!

Picked up these earrings from Mackenzie’s online boutique — sold out now, but still available here!

I think I need this floral Liberty print pencil skirt. WITH A RUFFLE.

Still waiting for these blush beauties to come back in stock.

What I’m Writing

A travel guide to Montserrat, Spain.

A casual outfit with the perfect camel sweater.

French designer outfits Princess Kate (hopefully!) wears in Paris.

Fairy tale royal love stories.

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