Pink Shirtdress in Sutton Place

Pink Shirtdress, Everlane Bridge Sandals, Straw Bag and Stain Remover Methods // Pearl Girl
Pink Shirtdress (Old, but I love this one and this one, and this is a great budget-friendly option.) //
Sandals (I swear I haven’t taken them off all summer!) //
Straw Bag (Holds a lot more than you’d think.) //
Sunglasses (Old, these are super similar + from the same retailer.) //
Earrings //

First off, apologies for the radio silence around here last week. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a week without posting before — with the exception of when I was in Barcelona last year on vacation. But sometimes real life gets in the way, and the blog has to take a back seat. I don’t aspire to have weeks like that often, but ah well, this isn’t my day job, so I won’t beat myself up about it.

My mom was in town this past weekend, which was such a great break from real life. We saw two shows. The first was Cats, which I had never seen before. It’s definitely funky, and there’s no real plot, but the music is great and the costumes and production value are really amazing. While it’s definitely not my favorite I see how it’s become such a hit. Sunday afternoon, my mom had a relatively early flight, so we saw a matinee of A Doll’s House, Part 2. It’s a sequel to a play that was first published in 1879 (obviously, written by a new author.) Though the actors wear period costumes, it’s all modern dialogue, and is actually really funny — but also intense. Highly recommend both shows if you’re in the city/visiting anytime soon.

I found out something pretty interesting a couple months ago at work (and yes, I took these photos two months ago — I really had quite a back log there for a while!) while doing research for a story: The apartment Greta Garbo lived in after retiring from acting is just a few blocks from my apartment. If you don’t know the name, she was a huge movie star in the 20s and 30s, but she retired in 1948 and really kept out of the public eye. She did, however, live in NYC — and apparently, pretty close to me! I told my roommate (who takes my photos!) and we thought it would be a fun place to shoot.

It’s all the way over on the water, and honestly seems like a total dream building to live in. (I mean, who would expect less?) It’s a gorgeous doorman building, but one that’s a little older and has more character than a new development. And it’s on the water. Really, that’s my dream living situation in NYC. (Right now, I live the walkup life!)

This is definitely one of my favorite things about New York: There’s cool places with incredible stories everywhere — even in spots you don’t expect!

Fun story about this dress, and one that I imagine a lot of you can relate to. Getting real with you: I’ve had some horrible sweat stains develop on some of my favorite dresses. It’s so, so frustrating, as it happened with three pieces I spent a bit more money on, including this one. I know I’m not alone: It happens, it’s gross, it sucks. But OMG, I have found the cure. I’m going to sound like Billy Mays over here: OxyClean is magic. Really, it is. I just soaked the ruined (or so I thought) parts of these dresses for 15-20 minutes and it totally got rid of the stains. DRESS SALVAGED. It worked on all three. I was so thrilled!

It not only got out the sweat stains, but a much worse one, too. I hung up the wet dress to dry on a (bright pink) velvet hanger. I noticed a few days later that the bright pink had rubbed off on the dress. Figuring this stain was just too intense, I was about to give up but figure I’d try Oxy again. And yep, IT WORKED. Those stains were much worse so I let them sit for a few hours, but I’m a total convert. This stuff is amazing. My secret is to use a scoop of the Oxy with equal parts water. You really want the product to be able to attack the stains.

And with that knowledge imparted, I wish you a happy Monday. x

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Paris Photo Diary + Travel Tips

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

One of the reasons I decided to start blogging again last fall was to have a place to share my travel photos. I got my SLR camera for high school graduation, and have taken it with me on every major trip I’ve taken since. It’s been seven years since then, so I have thousands of photos sitting on my hard drive. And while I’ve shared a fair amount on Facebook, I wanted to have a place to put them + with more detailed descriptions of where I’ve been and what I’ve loved in these places.

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris is one of my absolute favorite cities. I’ve been four times — when I was eight, when I was a sophomore in high school, while I was studying abroad, and then last year, with my friends Natalie and Alex. Though I’ve been a fair amount of times for someone my age, up until last year, each of my visits had been only three days long. If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ll know that three months isn’t long enough to completely conquer this city. There are so many incredible museums, gorgeous streets, world-famous sights, and obviously, amazing food, it’s impossible to do it all.

But when you’re only there for three days, it’s even harder. And each time I was traveling with someone new, so I ended up hitting a lot of the same spots. So when the opportunity to visit Paris for a full week arose last year, I hopped on it. And if you can, I highly recommend spending a full week in Paris, so you can check far more boxes than you would in three days.


The Louvre // Of course, any first timer to Paris must visit the Louvre. It’s one of the best-known museums in the world for a reason, and though

Musée d’Orsay // Great for lovers of impressionism, and worth checking out for the impressive collection + cool space (it’s housed in an old train station!)

The Catacombs // This is a mass grave underneath the city, filled with bones and skulls of more than six million people. You make your way through, and it honestly is freaky, but cool to say you’ve done. Warning: They’ll only let a certain amount of people in at a time, and the line can get bad. We waited at least two hours, maybe more. I say do this once, and then you never have to do it again.

Musée Picasso // One of the most impressive collections of Picasso’s works, and an easy way to spend a morning.

Musée Rodin // Rodin’s sculptures are displayed in a bright and airy home.

The Pantheon // Originally a church, famous figures like Victor Hugo and Volitaire are buried here. The space is huge and gorgeous.

Pompidou // A modern art space, and one that I’ve never been to! Hoping to check this off on my trip this fall.

Musée de l’Orangerie // Monet’s water lilies are the highlight here, but there’s an additional collection downstairs that’s worth seeing.

Maison de Victor Hugo // Victor Hugo’s former home, turned into a museum. A quick stop, and worth a visit if you’re a fan of Les Miserables.

We purchased a four-day museum pass last time we were there, and it was completely worth it if you’re planning on seeing a lot of museums. If you’re there for longer, I’d just pack your museum visits into those days, and then spread out your other activities on the other days you have. You can’t get in everywhere with it, but you can get in most places.

Also to note: If you’re a European student, you can get into most of these museums for free. That includes people who are studying abroad. Bring your student visa (passport) or student ID and you should be able to get a discounted (or free) rate.

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women


Eiffel Tower // Obviously. I haven’t been to the top since I was nine, but walking around outside is just as lovely.

Champs-Élysées // You’ve obviously heard of this famous street. It’s worth a walk down, but honestly, the shopping is meh.

Rue Saint Honoré // This is the best shopping street in Paris. It’s home to tons of designers, like Goyard, and cool shops like Colette.

Arc de Triomphe // Climb to the top for one of the best views of Paris! It’s at the end of the Champs-Élysées, so you can walk down there after.

Notre Dame // There’s free guided tours inside, or you can just walk around at your own pace.

Sacre Coeur // A gorgeous cathedral on a hill in the beautiful neighborhood of Monmartre. Walking up the steps to the top is worth it for the view alone.

Père Lachaise Cemetery // A ton of famous people are buried here, and it’s worth it to walk around and

Palais Royal // That very Instagram-able spot near the Louvre. It’s perhaps most famous for the black and white cylinders

Place des Vosges // A beautiful public square and park. There’s lots of shopping near there, and it’s a great place to sit down and take in the view.

Sainte Chapelle // Stunning stained glass as far as the eye can see in what used to be the private chapel of the Kings of France.

Palais Garnier // The famed Paris opera house. I’d love to see a performance here one day, but if you can, definitely do the inside tour. I’m a huge Phantom of the Opera fan so it was such a highlight for me.

Galeries Lafayette // An epic department store near the opera house. Lots of designer items, but some more affordable pieces, too!

Shakespeare & Company // The bookstore featured in Midnight in Paris. It’s super cute and right by Notre Dame.

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women


To be honest, usually when I’m in Paris, I have no cell service and no idea where I’ll end up by the end of the day, so we just head somewhere that looks appetizing. When I’m there for a day this fall, I want to do a little more research. Off the top of my head, these are a few spots that I’ve liked. To me, it’s more about the food you’re eating than where you eat it (of course, there are lame spots, but a lot of Parisian food is delicious!) Croissants, baguettes, pastries, steak frites, fondue, crepes, mussels — I could go on. So, so good.

Laudree // We have it stateside now, but it’s still worth a trip to try their macarons in their home city.

Angelina // I’ve never been, but they’re known for their hot chocolate. (I don’t like chocolate, so that’s why!)

Les Deux Magots // An elegant café in St. Germain des Pres. Go for brunch — and order a cocktail!

Le Refuge des Fondus // Right near Sacre Coeur, you can get wine in baby bottles and cheese fondue at this is a hole in the wall spot.

Berthillon // The best ice cream on the Île Saint-Louis. Lots of spots around there sell it that aren’t the actual Berthillon storefront.

L’Elephant Du Nil // I love this little spot, and had an amazing meal there when I studed

Of course, there’s so much more to do in Paris, but I like to think of these points as the highlights. I’ll be back this fall for just a day, and I can’t wait. It’s truly a city like no other. And while there are things that the pictures don’t show — hoards of tourists and pickpockets, to name a few — it’s beautiful and is a really special place. If you have any questions about Paris, leave a comment below! Or share your own Paris tips with me, as I’m heading back with a day to kill this fall!

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

Paris Travel Guide for 20 Something Women

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Striped Bell Sleeve Top, Eyelet Skirt and Everlane Bridge Sandals in NYC

Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl

Striped Bell Sleeve Top // (Sold out. But I love this one.)
Bridge Sandals // (I love the Hermes-inspired look! They come in a ton of other colors, too.)
Eyelet Midi Skirt //
Tassel Earrings // (Purchased at Target on crazy sale, but there’s so many cute tassel styles out right now. These have always been my favorites.)

I don’t think, in the entire time I’ve had this blog (almost a year!), I’ve ever gone a week without posting a new outfit.

But there’s a first time for everything, and last week was for first time for that particular thing! I have no real excuse, as last week was pretty quiet in my life, but other posts popped up — don’t forget to enter my Paperless Post giveaway! — took priority and my weekly outfit never made it up! Ah well, the world kept turning.

Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl

This past weekend was blissfully devoid of activity. I had a super fun Friday night, with dinner at Avenida Cantina (so much queso!) and drinks at Wassail, a cider bar on the Lower East Side. Saturday I laid low before grabbing dinner uptown, and then stayed in and watched Sex and the City. The best kind of evening, in my opinion! I also started watching Younger. Have you ever seen? I’m really into it and blew through like ten episodes of Saturday afternoon.

Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl

Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl
Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl

A note on the outfit: These sandals have been one of my favorite purchases so far this summer. They take a few wears to break in, but when they do, they’re super comfortable. They’re clearly inspired by the Hermes Oran Sandals, which I think are absolutely gorgeous, but just a bit (read: very) out of my price range at the moment. I’ve talked about how much I love Everlane, and their shoes are some of my absolute favorite of their products. Gorgeous leather, super chic. They come in a number of colors but I chose the brown because it goes with everything. They routinely sell out, but they’re always restocked within a day or two, so if your size/color combination isn’t available at the moment, just keep checking!

This eyelet skirt is a J.Crew Factory find from last year, and I snagged this top from J.Crew on sale. It’s sadly sold out now, but I like this bell-sleeve top too.

Everlane Bridge Sandals, Eyelet Midi Skirt, J.Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top - Pearl Girl

Happy Monday!


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My 25th Birthday with Paperless Post + Giveaway!

If you read this post, you’ll know that it was my 25th birthday last week. I’m very particular about birthdays. Or rather, I’m not particular, as I’m just not a big birthday person. I’m a firm believer that you get a day, not a week, not a month, and if I’m not celebrating on the actual day, I’m not likely to celebrate. And while I like to mark the day, I try to keep it low-key: Drinks with friends, or going a show I’ve been wanting to see. (Two years ago, my roommates and I saw Something Rotten on my birthday, and it was amazing!)

And though I had some eh feelings about turning 25 (now that it’s behind me, I’m feeling more at ease, haha!), I knew I didn’t just want to throw up a Facebook event, invite everyone I know in the city, and see who would show up. (Nothing at all wrong with that, by the way! I’ve done it many times. Just wanted to do something a little smaller this year.) Big groups are also tough to find a spot for, so I invited 15 or so friends who all knew each other (so everyone can chat!) with e-invites on Paperless Post!

Birthday Invitations with Paperless Post

I figured this was the perfect fusion between the Facebook invite and a printed invitation. They have a zillion and a half options to choose from — I loved this one, with the NYC skyline (they also have a bunch of city skylines you can choose from!), as the spot we went to had a gorgeous view of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. In addition to choosing the invitation, you can also customize an envelope, too. I love the gold dot pattern below!

Birthday Invitations with Paperless Post

Your friends can RSVP right from the email, and then you can keep track of everyone who is coming from the event page. You can also use Paperless Post to send people cards, which is very handy for someone like me who hasn’t bought stamps in six months. (Whoops. Thanks for sharing, roomies!) Also, I always feel so bad throwing out cards, but with these, you never have to! Plus, environmentally friendly.

This year I celebrated at Grand Banks in Tribeca, which is a bar-on-a-boat that serves lobster rolls and yummy cocktails. We had 14 people, which was a bit of squeeze (huge thanks to the staff for being so accommodating!) If you’re interested in hosting a larger group there, I’d recommend calling as soon as you know you want to plan something. They have a really cute larger table in the front that’s a bit more separate and would be the perfect spot for a bigger group. I only called a week in advance, so we just had a normal table, but hey, now I know for next time.

Birthday Invitations with Paperless Post
Birthday Invitations with Paperless Post


I’m wearing this dress, this sweater, and these flats.

It was such a fun night and I’m so thankful to my pals for coming out (and dealing with the close quarters!)

Birthday Invitations with Paperless Post


Anddd, in honor of the big 2-5, I have a present for one of you! I’m giving away 1600 coins with Paperless Post — a $150 value! Basically, these little things can get you a whole lot of invitations/cards/stationary. Seriously, a lot, as sending some of these cards is as little as three coins! It’s the perfect way to invite people to your next soiree, or wish your great-aunt a happy birthday.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. Like Pearl Girl on Facebook here.
2. Leave a comment telling me you did so on this post.

That’s it! I’ll choose a winner next Thursday (8/10), so you have until then to enter!

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Why I’m Going On a Month-Long Shopping Hiatus

Why I'm Not Shopping for a Month, Month-Long Spending Freeze

Original outfit post here.

I love clothes.

This shouldn’t come as a shock — I mean, I have a fashion blog for a reason. And normally, it’s not a big deal: Clothes bring me joy, but my closet has much more H&M than Helmut Lang, and my (very limited) designer bag collection (does two count as a collection?) was bought secondhand, at a steep discount. Meaning I’m not one to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and spend my rent money on a pair of Manolos. (Though since I don’t live in fantasy land and am not in possession of a rent-controlled apartment, my rent is much more than a pair of Manolos.)

But still, I have to say it: July was a spend-heavy month. Blame it on good deals (if you caught my Instagram Stories, I scored a pair of Stuart Weitzman Midland boots for $320, and it was amazing), summer clothes, and pre-fall sales. I can’t regret the purchases: I’ve wanted those boots for literal years, and I knew I’d never find them at a cheaper price. (And OMG, if you’re a 9.5, they’re on sale for $360 here.)

It wasn’t anything irresponsible, either. I’m protective of my credit score (and my cash!), so I have a very strict pay off your credit card every month in full policy, and I never buy anything I can’t afford. Just the thought of carrying a balance gives me serious stress! It was also my birthday month, so I did come into more money than usual (thanks, family!) In the end, it was still more than I want to spend on stuff every month, even if it’s stuff I love.

Thinking about my purchases this past month had me thinking about a post Mackenzie, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote in 2014. She went on a month-long spending hiatus, and actually enjoyed the experience. So for the sake of my sanity and my bank account, in August, I’ve decided to do the same. I’ve dubbed it No Shop August, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: No shopping for the month of August.

Life is all about balance, and it feels like a wise move to balance out a more expensive month with a thriftier one. Plus, it’s a fun challenge + and will be interesting to see what I save at the end of it. And August feels like a good time. Fall is on the horizon, so there’s no need to keep buying cute summer dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. But fall is far enough away that sweaters and jeans seem like a distant memory.

What will be hard? Well, clothes are all around me. I literally walk through a mall every morning to get to work. I create collages for this blog, which requires me to “window shop.” My friends obviously know I like clothes, and send me items that they think I’d like (I’ve told them to do stop this for the next month!) Basically, temptation is a constant presence, so this will be a test of my shopping will power. I say “test” — I really don’t think this will be that difficult. Low spending months happen all the time, but since this is a conscious effort, it’ll be a little different!

The thing is that I really do love the clothes I have. And I hope that this month makes me rediscover old favorites, find new ways to wear pieces I thought were tired, as well as realize what’s really out of date (or shape) and needs to go.

Part of the reason I’m putting this out here, on the blog, is to hold myself accountable. If all of you know that I’m not supposed to be shopping, then I really won’t do it, right? I’ll also check in come September about how the month went + what I learned!

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