Sales to Shop on Black Friday

Everlane Beach Tee Dress, Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag, Superga Cotu Sneakers // Pearl Girl

It’s here!!! The biggest shopping day of the year. As I said in my last post, I’ve spent the past week in England and Scotland, and was surprised to see a fair number of “Black Friday” advertisements at stores on this side of the pond. I had no idea it was a thing in the U.K., too!

Rounding up a few of my favorite sales below. I’m not sure how much shopping I’m going to do myself — sadly, the sweater I was hoping to snag for 40% off at Ralph Lauren is sold out in the color I want! I’ll do some more serious browsing after I land back stateside.

The deals are plentiful, but here are a select few all in the same place — I personally find it help to have a big list (especially for things like a Barbour jacket, which is on sale at multiple locations) and I hope you will too!


Tons of deals throughout the site!

My pick? An Echo! Should I finally pull the trigger? The dot is only $30!


40% off everything with the code THANKU.

My pick? Velvet pants!!! In black or pink.


Extra 20% off sale items.

My pick? This Pendleton raincoat I’ve been living in this (rainy) week across the pond!


20% off everything and you can get up to 30% off if you spend more! (Hint: Go in with your friends!)

My pick? My favorite fall jacket, the Olive Barbour.


Up to 30% off with the code MORE17

My pick? This Self Portrait style dress at a fraction of the price. (Would be great for a wedding!)

Ralph Lauren

40% off orders over $125 with code THANKS40

My pick? This gorgeous cable-knit cashmere sweater.

Tory Burch

30% off orders over $250 with code THANKS.

My pick? The T Satchel, a really beautiful everyday bag.

Kate Spade

30% off with the code GIVEJOY.

My pick? This pretty blush/taupe-ish satchel.

Ann Taylor

50% off with the code THANKFUL.

My pick? Love this black sheer polka dot blouse.


50% everything with the code FRIYAY.

My pick? This goes-with-everything velvet halter.


Extra 20% off plus tons of other deals.

My pick? These rose gold slip-on sneakers.

Lord & Taylor

50% off tons of women’s apparel and 20% off full-priced items.

My pick? Again, a waxed Barbour Beadnell. These rarely go on sale so it’s a good time to buy!




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Gift Guide: What I Want

ONE Tan Coat
Diamond Stud Earrings
THREE Fleece Pullover
FOUR Leather Tote
FIVE Fir Candle
SIX Pink Pajama Set
SEVEN Hunter Boots
EIGHT Drybar Gift Set
NINE Velvet Blazer
TEN Blush Hobo Bag
ELEVEN Camera Lens


Happy Thanksgiving! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been in England and Scotland for the past few days on an incredible work trip. The trip fell over Thanksgiving, so for the first time, I’m spending the holiday away from my family. However, I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I’d want to be right now! I love the U.K. and I haven’t been to Scotland in four years, since I studied abroad in college. It is seriously the most naturally beautiful, magical place. If you haven’t visited, move it straight to the topic of your bucket list.

With Thanksgiving today, Black Friday starts tomorrow and you know what that means — lots and lots of sales and shopping. A few notable deals? J.Crew is 40% off everything, a great time to pick up staple pieces. (Last year I got a blazer.) Everything is on sale at Tuckernuck and L.L. Bean, too, and there are lots of deals at Nordstrom and Amazon. Like, if you’ve ever wanted an Echo, now is the time!

I’ve seen a few bloggers post about the gifts they’re hoping to receive this year, and loved the idea, so I thought I’d follow suit. Honestly, at this point in life, most things I want I can just buy on my own (or they’re so pricey I’d never ask someone else to buy them for me — think Gucci loafers or a Chanel bag!) However, I do always have a running list of items that have caught my eye, so that’s a collection of what’s here. Some, are, admittedly, a dream item I’ll likely end up checking off my to-buy list a few years in the future when I hit some sort of milestone, while others are just a replacement for a well-loved part of my closet.

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, wherever in the world you’re celebrating!

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Gift Guide: For the Acquaintance

Gift Guide 2017: Gifts to Buy Acquaintances

Happy beginning of gift guide season! It may seem a little early, and I’ll admit, I haven’t done a ton of my own holiday shopping yet. (Just one present so far!) But with Thanksgiving just over a week away, Christmas will be here before we know it — meaning it’s just a good a time as any to share some gift guides!

I have quite a bit of travel coming up before Christmas — a two-week family vacation and a work trip, so while I’ll attempt to do one of these a week, it remains to be seen whether that’s an obtainable goal. I figured this one was a good one to start with: Gifts for people you don’t know that well. Meaning you’re not going get them something that’s super personal because you probably aren’t an expert on their interests. So instead, you get them gift that anyone would love — something like these twelve items! I feel like these sort of occasions do come up, and these could easily work as a hostess gift, too! And they can be gifts for people you know well, too — they’re gifts that would work for anyone.

ONE Sugarfina Champagne Bears // There’s a Sugarfina store in my office and I swear, it tempts me every day. (Thankfully it’s on another floor so the temptation isn’t quite as in your face.) Their candies are not only yummy, but unique — I mean, champagne flavored gummy bears? My absolute favorite are the champagne bubbles, but the bears are an almost-as-good option and available to order from Nordstrom.

TWO Acrylic Tray // I love getting gifts from Mark & Graham, not only because everything can be personalized, but the products are genuinely really cute. This tray instantly makes a coffee table look more put together and is a great place to stash knick knacks and remotes.

THREE Floral Planner // The nice thing about the holidays is that they come at the end of the year, so next year-themed gifts are always an easy fallback. Plus, this floral illustration is so pretty.

FOUR Gold Bubble Earrings // The bubble earrings trend isn’t going anywhere, and this gold pair is perfect for holiday parties.

FIVE Sonix Phone Case // With the new iPhone 8s and iPhone Xs out this fall, plenty of people (myself included) have new phones this Christmas. I love these multi-color stripes, but honestly, all their patterns are pretty cute!

SIX Pineapple Ornament // A classic holiday gift, and one that will be used for (literally) years to come. This pineapple is so cute!

SEVEN Monogram Mug // A staple in any kitchen, and an easy, personalized gift that makes the gift-getter feel like you really thought about them. (I mean, their initial is on it!)

EIGHT Card Case in Calf Hair // I used to use one of these as my everyday wallet, but have since upgraded to a bigger one. However, I love using these while traveling. You can carry just the essentials and leave the rest in your hotel room.

NINE Moscow Mule Mugs // Chances are, whoever you’re giving to doesn’t already have these in their cocktail wares collection, and this set is super affordable and super cute.

TEN Bunny Bottle Stopper // The wine never stops flowing during the holidays (and I love it.) This cute little bunny wine stopper is the perfect hostess gift — it’ll get immediate use!

ELEVEN The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo // A good book always makes a great gift, and this is my favorite book I’ve read in a while! Be sure to pick a copy for yourself, too!

TWELVE Vanilla Candle // Okay, I’ll admit it: There is no gift more basic than a candle. But you know what, people like them! They smell nice! No matter who you’re buying for, chances are, they’ll appreciate something that smells good.

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Black Sweater, Mules and Step Hem Jeans: A Simple, Easy Outfit for Fall

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Black V-Neck Sweater // This one is a very similar look, too!
Step Hem Jeans
Black Mules
Bag // It’s vintage Hermes, and was the find of a lifetime at a What Goes Around Comes Around sample sale last year. This bag has a similar style, though!

Oh, Monday! It’s my first one back at work in two weeks, so it’s likely to feel even more Monday-ish than normal. This weekend was non-stop, too. I had a friend from college visiting, so a group of us went on a long walk through Central Park on Saturday before getting dinner at Pig and Khao on the Lower East Side. It was such a tasty spot, highly recommend ordering the pork belly and the grilled pork jowl (with the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had.)

Sunday was the New York City Marathon, which I’ve honestly never really paid a huge amount of attention to. This year was very different, as my roommate was running! It was pretty amazing to see so many people achieve this incredible physical feat (especially one of my best friends!) and the city really felt alive while we were watching. I can’t say I’d ever do it myself — read: I’d literally never do that myself — but I understand why people are drawn to the sport. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards must be unreal.

Onto the outfit. This is sort of my “fall uniform,” and it’s (obviously) very easy to recreate: Jeans, sweater, some sort of loafer, and a black bag. I usually don’t wear too much black in the summer, as the warm weather just has me reaching for brighter hues. (Besides, doesn’t wearing black in the sun just make you hotter?) But once October rolls around, I’m all for it. I picked up this sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer, and I love how lightweight it is. My other two black sweaters are on the thicker side, so it’s nice to wear something that’s not quite so bulky but still feels seasonably-appropriate. (And is warm!)

Best Dupes for the Gucci Princetown Mules, Step Hem Jeans // Pearl Girl

Like every other fashion-loving, somewhat basic girl out there, I’ve been coveting a pair of Gucci mules slash loafers for quite some time now. While my current financial status couldn’t justify the $500+ price tag, these Target dupes were much easier to swallow. Like, way easier: They’re less than $25. They also come in silver, so if you’re really feeling the style, why not pick up both? I mean, THEY’RE $23.

I’ve also recently hopped on board the step hem jeans trend. And this pair, I’ve been wearing non-stop since it became pants-appropriate weather (and even a little before!) I am a skinny jean loyalist through and through, and truly believe now that we’ve discovered them they’ll never really go out of style. Butttt it’s fun to mix up such a (now) classic look with new trends. After all, I’ve been wearing dark skinnies since high school, so anything that’s a bit different from the standard look is worth embracing, right? Well, not anything — I’m not about to wear acid wash skinny jeans — but you get what I’m saying. This pair is a tiny bit big in the waist, so I always wear them with my favorite belt. I got a small, originally intending to wear it around my waist a dress, but I like how it doesn’t loop too far around my body (if that makes sense?) when I wear it with pants.

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Quebec City, Canada: Photo Diary and Travel Guide

Quebec City, Canada Travel Guide, What to Do on a Day Trip to Quebec City - Pearl Girl

With my latest trip coming to a close — I just returned from 11 days in London, Belgium, Paris and Lyon on Tuesday! — it seems fitting to wrap up the posts on my vacation to Montreal and Quebec City. (If you missed my recap of our time in Montreal, you can find it here.)

Immediately after we booked our flights to Montreal, I looked to see if it would be feasible to do a day trip to Quebec City. I knew I wanted to visit both cities, and I figured while I was in (the province of) Quebec, I might as well try. Turns out, it’s a three-hour trip each way, which is just about my threshold for a day trip. I know, my threshold is high — so if you want to spend the night in Quebec City, I don’t blame you.

That said, it’s a gorgeous (but small) city. It feels very European, even more so than Montreal. We arrived at the bus station around 11 in the morning and were able to walk straight to the center of the city, passing plenty of adorable storefronts and colorful architecture along the way.

At the heart of it all is the Chateau Frontenac, a massive luxury hotel that sits at the center of the city. It is seriously so, so big, and if I had the cash and the time, I would have loved to spend the night there. (Note: I just Googled the hotel, and it’s much more affordable than I originally thought — around $200 a night! Now I’m kind of wishing we had booked a night there!) It looks out on the St. Lawrence River, and the view is so pretty. Even if you can’t spend the night, it’s worth a walk through the lobby.

You also can walk around the hotel, on the “boardwalk” — I don’t think that’s the official name, but that’s what it looks like — where you get a great view of the river and the rest of the hotel. The path goes pretty far, and eventually, you can work your way up to the top where there’s some sort of museum on the history of Quebec. It looked like it was mostly military history, and due to our limited time frame, we skipped it and headed back down.

You can also take a funicular up to the “boardwalk” surrounding the Chateau Frontenac from the Petit Champlain area, which sits just beneath this area, but it’s really a pretty easy walk to do on your own. (We didn’t take the funicular ourselves.)

We got lunch at Le Petit Chateau, a casual spot near the Chateau Frontenac that served cheese fondue — my ultimate weakness, and one I was especially craving in this very French city. If you’re not one for massive amounts of melted cheese (though who isn’t?), they also serve crepes.

Later on, we headed down to explore the Petit Champlain area. It is so adorable and really makes you feel like you’re in Europe. (It felt a little similar to the adorable Annecy, France, which was in this past weekend!) There are lots of shops and restaurants, but honestly, it was so, so crowded on the day we were there that we made our way through the main drag of the neighborhood pretty quickly. (You can get an idea of what I mean in the photos below!) Afterward, we went to walk around some of the other streets nearby, which were also adorable, but a bit less crowded.

We were there in August on a Sunday, so I have to imagine if you’re there on a weekday, on less of a “peak” month, it would be a bit less packed and even more lovely.

Needing a break from being on our feet, we stopped by Cochon Dingue for rosé, fries and caesar salads. They had very cute branding, which is always a plus. And we sat outside, it was a nice way to take in the view and rest for a minute.

At that point, we had to head back to the train station to catch our bus back to Montreal. It was a quick day in Quebec, but a really beautiful one (look at that weather!) Now, I’m wanting to plan a trip back to this charming little city for a full weekend (and a few nights at the Chateau Frontenac!)

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